Friday, January 20, 2017

Life Choice: A Fertility Success Story

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A Fertility Success Story

A married couple struggled with infertility, visiting medical doctors, fertility clinics, and nothing worked. The couple made an appointment to discuss the matter with me, doctorate of natural medicine for some nutritional guidelines and if I could suggest a protocol for each of them that may correct their fertility issues. We discussed their lifestyles, diet, sleeping patterns, family history, and based on their findings, recommendations were made to be discussed with their medical doctor.

As we know, lifestyle factors are very important for fertility. Even in male sheep, exposure to sewage sludge chemicals reduces sperm production. For mothers-to-be, thyroid hormone is important, as before 18-20 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal thyroid gland is not fully functional. To get pregnant, Arginine can be helpful for both men and women. The protocol the couple was given included Arginine for both, Fiery Male for the husband, and Balanced Female along with Progest Liposome Cream for the wife.

After 4 months on the recommended protocol and lifestyle changes, our office received a phone call. The news given was, "We are pregnant, and not with just one but with twins." A pregnancy health protocol was given for the mother-to-be, and the pregnancy went full term, resulting in two healthy children, a boy and a girl, who were delivered naturally and without any complications.

The family photo below was taken with me holding the miracles of life at the head office of Life Choice, and if that wasn't exciting enough, the couple made a further announcement that they were pregnant again.

Being classified as being Infertile should not be interpreted as being barren or impotent. It just may mean that things are not balanced and simply need adjustments. For this couple, that certainly was the case. 
August 2015
"For the longest time, my wife and I couldn’t get pregnant. We tried everything and were giving up hope when we were given Life Choice products. Suffice to say, after 4 months, we are excited to announce that we are pregnant, happy and expecting twins! Thank you Life Choice, you have saved our relationship and gave us a lifetime of business! ☺"
Duane Z, Airdrie, AB 
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