Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Anti-Aging Effects of Daily HGH Release

The Anti-Aging Effects of Daily HGH Release

On September 7, 2016 published an article written by Life Choice founder and owner Eldon Dahl, Doctorate of Natural Medicine titled "The Anti Aging Effects of Daily HGH Release".

In that article Dahl referred to a number of studies that "documented that the correction of human growth hormone (HGH) deficiency in men and women above the age of 30 can assist the body dramatically in improving everything from bone mass, energy, mood, cognitive function, immunity, sleep quality, libido, skin tone, fat loss, muscle mass and so much more."

As Dahl noted in the article "Once born, we begin to grow and for growth to happen we need adequate human growth hormone (HGH)...but by the time we reach our 30th year, HGH levels are only about 20 percent of their peak levels during childhood, and after the age of 30, they continue to decline at about 12 to 15 percent per decade, and often much more depending on the circumstances.

Dahl continued by saying "The decline in HGH is not the only cause of the manifestations of aging. Even if our HGH levels remained at the level of a 25 year-old, we would continue to experience the effects of aging, but those effects would be greatly reduced until we reached a very advanced age. HGH does not affect the root cause of aging, as measured by maximum lifespan, but it can certainly affect many of the manifestations of aging. By increasing the levels of HGH in our bodies, we can slow, or even reverse, many of the manifestations of aging."

 (Read the entire article) The-Anti-Aging-Effects-Daily-HGH-Release

Life Choice's HgH+ Homeopathic

HgH+ Homeopathic

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HgH 60 mlThis formula offers a way to enhance immune response, increase lean body mass, stimulate neuro-endocrine system balance, and achieve optimal physical and mental performance. Its homeopathic preparation achieves these benefits by encouraging the body to produce more of the hormone on its own, “reminding” it of its proper function at the sub-molecular level.  Homeopathic preparations are generally regarded as safe by all authorities, due to their extreme dilution, which renders their active ingredients nearly undetectable by the most sophisticated of measurements.more

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