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Helping Those Suffering with Diabetes: Especially the First Nations Community.

Helping Those Suffering with Diabetes: 
Especially the First Nations Community.

A recent article appeared in written by Life Choice founder and owner Eldon Dahl, Doctorate of Natural Medicine title " Helping Those Suffering with Diabetes--Especially the First Nations Community." 

The article examined the rate of diabetes among first Nations communities in Canada and concluded that  "First Nations people are more likely to develop diabetes in their lifetime. In the general population of youth, the estimated diabetes risk is 5 out of 10. In First Nations communities, the estimated risk is 8 out of 10 youths."

Dahl goes on to explain how "generally speaking, there are 3 main causes for diabetes: genetics, behavior (diet/exercise), and environment" and how in "the case of the Native  population, the environmental factor may play a more crucial role than most people realize". 

Dahl writes "If First Nations people live in an area where fresh food is unattainable or expensive, it can be more difficult to maintain the healthy lifestyle needed to stave off diabetes." 

In 2011 A Government of Canada report supported Dahl's claim by stating back in 2011...

"Type 2 diabetes is a health concern among Canada's First Nations and Inuit. First Nations on reserve have a rate of diabetes three to five times higher than that of other Canadians. Rates of diabetes among the Inuit are expected to rise significantly in the future given that risk factors such as obesity, physical inactivity, and unhealthy eating patterns are high."

And on April 7, of this year Global News presented a piece titled "Rates of Diabetes Staggering In First Nations Communities" which also supports Dahl's diabetes claims....

Quoting a member of a First Nations Community....

"First Nations people develop diabetes sooner than other people in the population... So it is not your 85 year old grandmother, its your 35 year old neighbor and that is a significant issue because that means people are developing the complications of diabetes sooner than they otherwise would. "

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