Thursday, September 3, 2015

Immunity Tips For Back To School

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Eldon Dahl, Founder, Chief Executive Officer of Life Choice Ltd. Eldon has nearly three decades of experience in the naturopathic and natural healing industries. In his executive role with the company, Eldon oversees all daily operations, he also spearheads all health research into medical conditions—specifically anti-aging and chronic disease treatments.

Eldon graduated as a Doctor of Naturopathic medicine in 1988, he entered the naturopathic field after witnessing family members struggle with cancer and recognizing a connection between nutrition and disease. He attributes his success in the industry by not compromising on core values, and using the highest quality raw materials in all formulations. His mission statement of “Healing the Nation, One Person at a Time” really says it all.

Outside of his work with Life Choice, Eldon gives back to the community through his volunteer efforts offering free supplements to naturopathic satellite clinics.

Immunity Tips for Back to School

With fall quickly approaching and kids going back to school, various sniffles and other bugs will start making their way around the classroom.

It is good to know that kids do not have to be pumped full of vaccines and antibiotics to stay healthy. Melanie Waxman recently wrote an article with several suggestions about keeping kids' immunity high year round.

First, give babies the best possible start by breastfeeding. Breastfed babies have a higher immunity than non. If breastfeeding is not possible, Waxman suggests home made brown rice milk instead.

Eating organic is also important. Processed, sugary foods can weaken the immune system. If parents and children are eating too many empty calories, they will receive no nutrition from their food, which can make them more susceptible to illness. Diet also plays an important role in allergies. If kids are experiencing allergies, certain items may need to be eliminated from their diet.

A non-toxic environment (both externally and internally) is also beneficial to children's' health. Consider green products for your home furnishings and maintenance. Vaccines and antibiotics should also be avoided if at all possible. As Waxman says, "Antibiotics can seriously weaken a child's immune system and also build up a resistance to the medicine itself. Vaccines may provide immunity for a specific disease but they do not increase overall immunity or create healthier children."

Although physical well-being is important, emotional well-being should not be neglected. Children need affection, a reliable schedule, plenty of time outside, and plenty of sleep.

To ensure the most well-rounded approach to immunity, supplements should also be considered. Consider products like Colloidal Silver natures anti-biotic, Thymus Gland to stimulate
T-cell defense, Ephedra helpful for asthma, allergies symptoms, and sinus congestion, and Laktokhan for building a strong immune system from the gut to the whole system for protection the entire school year.

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