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Are You Serving Herbicides and Pesticides With Your Dinner?

Are You Serving Herbicides And Pesticides With Your Dinner?

(Calgary, AB)  1996 was the year that the first Genetically Modified Product (GM) entered the marketplace. The product was maize (corn) . 18 years later, there are 8 major food crops which have been genetically modified; with the resulting raw material [of that crop] being used as an ingredient in many of the food items that consumers buy on a regular basis.

In most cases, consumers are not even aware that the product that they are purchasing contains a genetically modified ingredient.

Why Genetically Modified Crops?

The argument for the introduction of GM products was to increase the world's food supply. It was argued that if you were able to genetically modify a major crop, then that particular crop could be engineered to become resistant to droughts, insects, weeds and other potentially harmful effects, that could reduce the quantity of crop that could be cultivated that year.

One of the problems with this new reality, is that the GM crops are specifically engineered to be resistant to herbicide and pesticides. This means that any poisonous material that is sprayed around the crop to protect it from harmful weeds and insects, eventually settles into the soil, and is absorbed by the crop itself.

As a result, any food item that you are buying, that contains the GM crop, means that you are also purchasing the poisonous material that was absorbed by the GM plant. Material that eventually ends up on your families dinner plate (or as a raw material/ingredient in your natural supplement)  and into their digestive system.

A Conspiracy Theory or Hysteria?

According to Dr. David Suzuki, a well respected and world renown scientist "One problem is that we don't know the unintended consequences of genetically engineered or genetically modified (GM) foods. Scientists may share consensus about issues like human-caused global warming, but they don't have the same level of certainty about the effects of genetically modified organisms on environmental and human health!"
At Life Choice We Understand!

At Life Choice we understand the dangers and uncertainties that surround GMO's and GM products. That is why all Life Choice natural supplements contain absolutely NO GMOs or GM Ingredients. When you buy a NATURAL SUPPLEMENT from Life Choice that's what you get: a product that is truly pure, natural and/or organic.

A product that is TRULY NATURAL.


With few exceptions, companies that manufacturer natural health products and/or natural supplements are not required by law to claim whether or not the ingredients in their formulations use GM products or any other type of GMO.

For the consumer this can be very confusing. For example, when a natural health product says that it contains "Soy" how does the consumer know whether that "Soy" is organic or a GM product?

Short answer is.. they don't.

When you purchase a Life Choice natural supplement, you are guaranteed that it contains no GM ingredient or GMO.


You pay for quality!

Life Choice products are a little more expensive than their competitors. Why? because you are paying for quality. You are paying for a superior natural health product that contains the highest quality natural ingredients in all of its formulations. You are purchasing a product that contains NO GM ingredients or any GMO's. (See note 1)

A Natural Supplement That You Can Trust; No GM ingredients, No GMO's

A Life Choice we understand that when a consumer purchases a natural health product they want a natural alternative to allopathic medicines. We also understand that when they purchase that product, they want a product that is medicinal and therapeutic; a  truly natural [non-gm] product that works! (See note 1)


Gold Sponsor

Life Choice is a leader in the manufacturing and supply of natural supplements. Life Choice only manufacturers and offers the highest quality products to markets in Canada, The United States and The European Union.

All Life Choice natural supplements are clinically tested, government approved and licensed. Every product in the Life Choice family is formulated under the direct supervision of Dr. Eldon Dahl, the company's CEO and a trained naturopath.

Unlike some other natural supplements on the market, Life Choice products are specifically formulated to have therapeutic and medicinal value.
Ask your medical practitioner, naturopath physician, or heath food store manage for products carrying the Life Choice label. Or better yet, please visit our website and check out our products for yourself.


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Note 1 - A message from Dr. Eldon Dahl

The term “natural” is broadly used and abused; the sourcing establishes what is natural. Professional therapeutic medicine needs to be plant-based and fermented, sourced from USP pharmaceutical grade nutrients, and clinically proven by either Drug Manufactured File (DMF) or patented material. It must be non-GMO, and non-animal sourced, with the exception of glandular products. Glands must be concentrated and not extracted, and be grass fed to ensure no antibiotics or growth hormones were used.

Formulations must be blended synergistically in order to be absorbed at the cellular level, and must be efficacious

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