Sunday, February 26, 2017

Health News: Life Expectancy to break 90 barrier by 2030

A recent article appeared in BBC Health titled "Life Expectancy to break 90 Barrier by 2030'.  The article written by James Gallaghar and published on February 22, 2017 focused on a study completed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Imperial College London projected that females born in South Korea in the year 2030 will have an average life expectancy of 90 years. For males born in the year 2030, their life expectancy in South Korea was a little above 84. 

The study predicted that the gap between men and women - those born in 2030 - would start to close in most countries and that most countries would see people living longer. 

The researchers of the findings said that these "findings posed big challenges for pensions and for elderly care."
Today, as we march towards the year 2030, one of the biggest challenges facing the senior population today are fractures and broken bones. In an article titled "Doctors offer advice to seniors in bid to prevent fall injuries." that was published in the Taipei Times on February 8, 2017, it was written. 

"Coordination and balance are affected by the aging process, Tri-Service General Hospital deputy director Pan Ju-yu  said, adding that elderly people are often unable to react to falls and are therefore likely to hit the ground or other objects with great force, causing serious injury.

About 90 percent of elderly people who slip and fall break bones, Taipei Veterans General Hospital Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology director Peng Li-ning said.

Such falls can often end up with patients bedridden and can even cause death, Peng said, adding that among those aged 85 or older who break bones, 25 percent die within a year."
In an effort to retain their balance as they age many seniors are turning to the ancient Chinese art of tai-chi to retain their bodies and build better balance. According to an article published in the New Hampshire Union Leader.

"Tai Chi is activity that is promoted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for seniors. It promotes the ancient Chinese martial art as a way to help seniors retrain their bodies and build better balance to avoid one of the most common, life-changing, and expensive issues facing seniors today — falling down. 

According to the CDC, one in every four people over the age of 65 will suffer at least one fall that they will tell their doctor about. Having one fall increases the likelihood a senior will fall again. The CDC estimates that direct medical costs for fall injuries exceeds $31 billion annually."

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