Sunday, October 30, 2016

Corporate Sponsorship for Selling Sickness -- The Age of Delayed Degenerative Diseases

On July 27, 2016 published an article written by Life Choice's founder and CEO Eldon Dahl, Doctorate in Natural Medicine. The article titled "Corporate Sponsorship for Selling Sickness - The Age of Delayed Degenerative Diseases" focused on the cost associated with degenerative diseases and longevity. 

As Dahl stated in his article "As a society we are living longer than in past generations. Longevity into the 90's is now become common place in most industrialized societies. But, what is the cost - are we simply delaying degenerative diseases?"

In the article he focuses his discussion on degenerative disease versus infectious disease;  emphasizing  the difference between natural health products ( ie. nutraceuticals) and their focus on prevention as opposed to prescription drugs that are produced by the pharmaceutical industry with their focus on sickness. 

For example, in the article he says, "since the mid-nineteenth century, longevity has increased, but as the cost of degenerative disease replacing infectious disease. Now, life is more about postponing degenerative disease than avoiding infectious disease." 
Being a proponent of natural health with an emphasis on preventing sickness or degenerative diseases before they occur Dahl concluded his article by saying "....invest in your family's health by eating organic, taking professional quality nutraceuticals to keep you healthy, and changing the mindset from the ear of sickness to the excitement of health. Both sickness and disease start within the mind, and depending on the pathway of choice, either to healthy living or to a lifetime dependency pharmaceutical drugs with side effects. We say no to selling sickness and yes to selling health."    

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FDA and Health Canada Proposed Licensing Changes - the New Global Initiative; Narrated By Eldon Dahl, Doctorate of Natural Medicine

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