Monday, September 19, 2016

The Many Health Risks of Early Menopause

The Many Health Risks of Early Menopause

Women who enter menopause before age 45 are more likely to have cardiovascular problems and to die younger than women who enter menopause later in life, according to a new analysis. 

According to an article in Reuters Health titled  "Early Menopause Tied to Heart Risk and Early Death" the findings of the study  discussed in the article suggest that the age at which a women reaches menopause may help predict women's risk for future health problems.

The study "compared women who had their period before age 45 to women who entered menopause after the age of 45 and found that women with earlier menopause had a 50% higher risk of coronary heart disease, which can cause chest pains, heart attacks and strokes as plaque builds up on the walls of the arteries."

The article goes on to say that "women who enter menopause before age 45 were also 20% more likely than women with later menopause to die from cardiovascular disease."

In separate article titled "7 Things Early Menopause Means for your Health' written by Claire Williams in Prevention Magazine on February 25, 2015 it was mentioned that women who encounter early menopause "age faster" than those who reach menopause later in life. The reason? Tiny structures in the body called telomores.

"Telomeres are tiny structures that protect DNA from damage, and based on their length can indicate your biological age. Shorter Telomeres equals more advanced aging..  women who experience  menopause early see shorted telomores."

This article also goes on to suggest that women who experience early menopause are also at a higher risk for bone fractures. The reason? Lower estrogen levels which means lower bone density 

"... and while all women  experience a drop in bone density when they go through menopause, women in early menopause will spend more years with weaker bones compared to their friends who don't see a decline untill their 50s."

The article concludes by suggesting that those who experience early menopause are also at an increased risk of getting Alzheiner's, diabetes and cancer. The reason for this can once again be attributed to shorter telomores.

"Shorter telomores indicate more than just expedited aging - damaged DNA actually increases your risk of age related illnesses including Alzheimer, diabetes and cancer, according to research."

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