Sunday, August 14, 2016

Life Choice® Vanadyl Sulfate with Eldon Dahl, Doctorate in Natural Medicine

    Vanadyl Sulfate
  • Helps to maintain optimal blood glucose levels and supports healthy glucose metabolism
  • Increases basal metabolic rate
  • Aids in the synthesis of muscle tissue
  • Lowers cholesterol
Vanadyl Sulfate is a sulphur-bound form of the element vanadium.  Vanadyl sulfate is a unique mineral that research shows may be an “insulin mimicker” in that it, like the anabolic hormone insulin, may help shuttle glucose into muscle cells. It is thought that it may also shuttle amino acids into muscle cells which may, in turn, support muscle growth.
Vanadyl sulfate is said to cause calories to be burned more rapidly (increased Basal Metabolic Rate), and to aid in the synthesis and retention of muscle, forcing fuel to be drawn from fat stores.  It lowers cholesterol and increases carbohydrate intake by the liver.  It also increases glycogen (your body’s stored form of glucose) synthesis in the fat cells, as well as glycogen storage.  The combination of all these actions makes it an excellent supplement for athletic endurance, as well as weight loss programs that include exercise.more

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Life Choice®  Vanadyl Sulfate with Eldon Dahl, Doctorate in Natural Medicine

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