Sunday, July 31, 2016

Testimonial: Life Choice's Liquid Melatonin (Melapure)

At Life Choice we take pride in our products. We also take pride in the many testimonials that we receive regarding our natural medicines. 

Recently, one of our products received an endorsement from a satisfied customer that we would like to share with you. 


To All At Life/Doctor's Choice.  

After years of waking up tired, suffering from AT fib (Flutter), muscle spasms and being told the solution to my problems were a CPAP machine and sleep medication, I decided to try Life Choice Liquid Melatonin (Melapure). On the first night I dozed off faster than normal and leg and hand spasms did not affect my getting to sleep.  I actually recalled portions of my dream sleep, something that has not happened often since my Cancer Treatments 18 years ago.  I felt refreshed and more mentally alert.  Night 2 was similar and Night 3 meant I awoke easily and could be alert earlier in the day.  Being rested and alert at 63 years means I can pack more into a day   

Thank you to Life Choice/Doctor's Choice for a better life.   

Bob L


Melatonin is a substance found in almost all cells from the simplest life forms (algae) to the human body. Melatonin is produced and secreted by the pineal gland and as we age secretion decreases.Supplementation of melatonin may be able to replace the decreased secretion that is part of the aging process.
Sweet Dreams Liquid Melatonin Melapure
The hormone melatonin in clinical studies has shown to produce rapid sleep onset, and to increase the duration of sleep.
Some reports show that around age 6, melatonin secretions from the pineal gland begin to decrease due to the increased intake of food as we grow (melatonin is thought to be found in all foods). But the melatonin in foods may not be enough to replace the needs in the body, so it is highly recommended to use dietary supplementation as a means of receiving additional melatoninmore

Life Choice's Melatonin
Life Choice's Melatonin is one of the highest grade Melatonin's on the market today! They use only 100% DMF (Drug Master File) patented pharmaceutical grade raw material, paying 700% more for their raw material than that which is purchased without a patent. 

The reason for this decision is twofold. First the material is clinically researched, and second, the quality is consistently high with each order.

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