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Life Choice DMSO Gel with Eldon Dahl, Doctorate in natural medicine,

Life Choice®  DMSO Gel With Eldon Dahl, Doctorate of Natural Medicine

DMSO has many uses, but it is known mostly as a natural pain killer and transporter. First synthesized in 1866, DMSO is a sulfur-containing organic compound that is derived from MSM, and can be used internally or externally. DMSO can aid injuries such as sprained ankles, sore muscles and joints, and even fractures. The process starts when DMSO enters the bloodstream by osmosis through capillary walls. Then, DMSO is distributed throughout the circulatory system. more

  • Helps temporarily reduce pain of large joints such as post traumatic soft tissue injuries, acute bursitis, strains and sprains
  • Alleviates Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Powerful detoxification
  • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical grade
  • Non-GMO

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Life Choice's®  CEO and Founder Eldon Dahl (Doctorate of Natural Medicine) talks about the value of Life Choice's®  DMSO Gel.

Testimonial: Life Choice's Liquid Melatonin (Melapure)

At Life Choice we take pride in our products. We also take pride in the many testimonials that we receive regarding our natural medicines. 

Recently, one of our products received an endorsement from a satisfied customer that we would like to share with you. 


To All At Life/Doctor's Choice.  

After years of waking up tired, suffering from AT fib (Flutter), muscle spasms and being told the solution to my problems were a CPAP machine and sleep medication, I decided to try Life Choice Liquid Melatonin (Melapure). On the first night I dozed off faster than normal and leg and hand spasms did not affect my getting to sleep.  I actually recalled portions of my dream sleep, something that has not happened often since my Cancer Treatments 18 years ago.  I felt refreshed and more mentally alert.  Night 2 was similar and Night 3 meant I awoke easily and could be alert earlier in the day.  Being rested and alert at 63 years means I can pack more into a day   

Thank you to Life Choice/Doctor's Choice for a better life.   

Bob L


Melatonin is a substance found in almost all cells from the simplest life forms (algae) to the human body. Melatonin is produced and secreted by the pineal gland and as we age secretion decreases.Supplementation of melatonin may be able to replace the decreased secretion that is part of the aging process.
Sweet Dreams Liquid Melatonin Melapure
The hormone melatonin in clinical studies has shown to produce rapid sleep onset, and to increase the duration of sleep.
Some reports show that around age 6, melatonin secretions from the pineal gland begin to decrease due to the increased intake of food as we grow (melatonin is thought to be found in all foods). But the melatonin in foods may not be enough to replace the needs in the body, so it is highly recommended to use dietary supplementation as a means of receiving additional melatoninmore

Life Choice's Melatonin
Life Choice's Melatonin is one of the highest grade Melatonin's on the market today! They use only 100% DMF (Drug Master File) patented pharmaceutical grade raw material, paying 700% more for their raw material than that which is purchased without a patent. 

The reason for this decision is twofold. First the material is clinically researched, and second, the quality is consistently high with each order.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Reduces Stress and Nervousness With Life Choice's GABA

Reduces Stress and Nervousness With Life Choice's®

For those people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress Life Choice's® GABA provides a natural solution to those unhealthy feelings. 

Life Choice's® GABA helps reduce stress, aids sex drive, boosts brain metabolism, improves sleep and stabilizes mood disorders. 

Life Choice's® GABA is 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade, Free Form Fermented Amino Acid and Non GMO. 

Watch Life Choice's® Founder and CEO Eldon Dahl (Doctorate in natural medicine) talk about Life Choice's GABA

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    GABA Role In the Human Body

GABA is found throughout the central nervous system (CNS), assuming an ever-enlarging role as a significant influence for pain, stress, anxiety, depression as well as stress-induced illness.  Before January 1995, there were over 2000 documents and texts on GABA, describing how it affects anxiety/stress in the brain and CNS.more

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Many Benefits of Probiotics

The Many Benefits of Probiotics

An article appeared in WebMD titled "The Power of Probiotics". The article written by Carolyn Brown, MS. RD examined the many benefits of  probiotics in the human body. 

Brown acknowledged that when it comes to stomach health most "people tend to think of bacteria as something to get rid of, but actually a huge amount of the bacteria in your body are the good guys." 

She went on to explain how the "over 500 bacterial species or probiotics in your body" can help you body stay healthy and fit. She then went on to give 3 really good examples of how Probiotics helps your body reach that level of optimum health. 


1) Probiotics help with digestion and help break down nutrients. So if you have tummy issues, whether chronic or acute, probiotics may help. 

2) They are also major immune boosters. The more probiotics in your belly and along your digestive tract, the harder it is for bad bacteria and viruses to get in. Probiotics also make a compound called bacteriocins which researchers think may quash harmful bacteria. 
3) Research is showing that probiotics may benefit everything from GI issues from constipation and diarrhea to IBS to ulcerative colitis and Crohn's as well mood disorders and depression

(Read Article) The Power of Probiotics  

At Life Choice® We Understand
At Life Choice® we understand digestive health. That is why we have formulated Laktokhan Probiotic, a high quality nutraceutical that helps build up the "good bacteria" in your stomach to fight the "bad bacteria". The result? less heartburn, constipation, bloating and diarrhea. 

Life Choice's Laktokhan Probiotic Supplement

Life Choice™ Laktokhan is a probiotic supplement of exceptional quality and effectiveness that contains 10 billion CPU (colony-forming units) of four human strains of “friendly” intestinal micro-flora, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei, and Bifidobacterium longum. These friendly bacteria help keep harmful bacteria from multiplying in our intestines. Antibiotics can kill off healthy bacteria and lead to weakened immunity and intestinal disorders. Laktokhan is taken from a healthy human GI tract, and then cultured and processed from the laboratory.

Most of the strains in Laktokhan can survive intestinal acid and bile, and they implant themselves on specific intestinal receptors, thus contributing to a longer-lasting, consistently beneficial effect. Each Laktokhan capsule has 400 mg of FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) prebiotics (food that enables the good probiotic bacteria to survive for 3 years or more) as well as inulin. Only the beneficial bacteria are fed, not the harmful organisms. Unlike other probiotic brands, Laktokhan maintains its potency without refrigeration, making it ideal to take when travelling.

By maintaining a balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria, Laktokhan helps to manage acute infectious diarrhea and reduces the frequency of gastrointestinal disorders, such as diarrhea and nausea, during antibiotic use. Laktokhan restores the balance of good bacteria, thus helping to normalize digestive function and boost immunity.

Generally, probiotics are known for their digestion abilities, but not as much for their immunity properties. However, Laktokhan probiotics are not just for healthy digestion. Studies have shown that people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes have high levels of pathogens in their intestines. This hostile environment can also reduce sensitivity to medication. When probiotics build up good intestinal bacteria, however, pathogens have a harder time sticking to the intestines. The immune system improves and is able to produce needed nutrients. In another study, students who had colds and were supplemented with 1 billion CFUs experienced their symptoms for 4 days, versus 6 days with the placebo group.

Suggested Dose--Adults, adolescents, and children >1 year old: 1 capsule daily with meals.

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The Power of Probiotics, Carolyn Brown, MS, RD, WebMD, February 24, 2014
What Are Probiotic? Mary Jo DiLorando,  WebMD

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Salt: The Silent Food Killer of Men (and Women)

Salt: The Silent Food Killer of Men (and Women)

According to an article published in Prostate.Net titled "The 10 Worst Foods For Men" the worst food for a man to eat is table salt. 
According to the article "....nobody who eats an American diet is low on salt. Yes, salt is essential to our health. The problem is that table salt and the salt in processed foods are not exactly the same as the natural salt your body needs. In fact table salt, which is 98% sodium chloride, is damaging. Avoid processed foods, which are high in sodium and low in potassium, which can affect the ratios in your body. Also, if you are over 51, black, or have high blood pressure, kidney disease, or diabetes, you should limit your salt intake to less than 1,500 mg per day.

To view the entire list  The 10 Worst Foods For Men

According to a related article in WebMD  which touches upon salt consumption "cutting U.S. salt intake by just half a teaspoon a day would prevent up to 92,000 deaths, 99,000 heart attacks and 66,000 strokes - a benefit as big as smoking cessation." 

At Life Choice®  We Understand
At Life Choice® we understand the importance of health, and that includes  men's health. That is why we have formulated 3 unique natural health products specifically tailored to meet the needs of men. 
Fiery Male

Fiery Male
  • Male hormone balance
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Reduces mental fatigue in times of stress
  • Improves protein synthesis and tissue formation
  • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Free form amino acids
  • Non-GMO
Fiery Male® is a completely natural formula, designed for men to balance their hormones, raise their testosterone levels, and in turn, increase libido.
We have combined 16 scientifically-researched ingredients in this formula to safely balance a man’s chemistry. These ingredients work synergistically, with each ingredient complementing the other for consistent absorption, and therefore, optimum reliability.more

Healing Male Cream 

Healing Male Cream

  • Helps balance hormones
  • For maintaining overall health
  • Added benefit when combined with Healing Male capsules
  • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Free Form, Fermented Amino Acid
  • Non-GMO
Healing Male cream is a multi-talented product, replete with beneficial ingredients that are useful in maintaining and restoring the biological balance within the male body. Several studies have proven the effectiveness of the blended ingredients in supporting nature’s way of taking care of business.more

Healing Male

Healing Male Prostate 

Supports Prostate Health and BPH relief:
  • Relieves weak urine flow/incomplete voiding
  • Reduces frequent daytime/nigh time urination
  • Builds and repairs connective tissues
  • Maintains healthy skin & overall good health
  • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Non-GMO
This exciting product comprises a unique formulation designed to provide relief of urological symptoms such as weak urine flow, incomplete voiding, and frequent daytime and night time urination, associated with mild to moderate benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate gland). The carefully-selected ingredients combine to support prostate health and to produce and repair connective tissue.  Healing Male also helps in maintaining good health, in the formation of red blood cells, and maintaining healthy skin, as well as supporting immune function.  It also adds effective antioxidant action and aids the body in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.more

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Life Choice Testimonial: GABA Hits The Mark!: Reduces Stress and Nervousness

A Life Choice Testimonial: GABA Hits The Mark!

Reduces Stress and Nervousness

Life Choice's GABA is an unique natural health product that helps promotes relaxation. For those individuals who are experiencing stress, nervousness, depression or anxiety in their lives, Life Choice's GABA offers them a natural solution to reduce those unhealthy feelings and to return their mind and their body back to a healthy state of "calm and control". 

The Benefits of LIfe Choice's GABA

  • Reduces stress
  • Boosts brain metabolism
  • Aids sex drive
  • Reduces nervousness
  • Improves sleep
  • Stabilizes mood disorders
  • 100% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade
  • Free Form Fermented Amino Acid
  • Non-GMO

GABA Role In the Human Body

GABA is found throughout the central nervous system (CNS), assuming an ever-enlarging role as a significant influence for pain, stress, anxiety, depression as well as stress-induced illness.  Before January 1995, there were over 2000 documents and texts on GABA, describing how it affects anxiety/stress in the brain and CNS.more

A Life Choice GABA Testimonial 

Dear Lascelle
I wanted to let you know that the sample GABA you gave me were great.  I was a tad unsure about the product but I took 2 of them and I will admit I felt great.  I have a pretty stressful job and after a short while of taking the GABA I felt amazing.....enough to call you and request more.  I hope you know I am grateful for this product and will be using this more often.  Overall this product provides me with a natural calm unlike anything I have ever tried.  I am pleased and thankful and yes you can consider this email as another official order. lol 

Regards, Rocco C

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Women's Health: Life Choice's DMAE Restorative Cream: Anti Aging Cream

Life Choice's DMAE Restorative Cream: Anti Aging 

With age, we lose muscle mass and subcutaneous fat so those convexities flatten and eventually become concave. We've realized that aging is less about lines and wrinkles and more about tissue loss.

DMAE Restorative Cream increases the levels of subcutaneous fat in the skin by transporting the necessary nutrients directly to the fat cells, encouraging renewal and growth.

DMAE is a natural substance, found in fish, which helps defend against the degradation of cell membranes. A highly potent anti-inflammatory, DMAE has been shown to improve the tone, appearance, and firmness of skin by supporting the fundamental components of collagen and elastin. The science is in and DMAE has amazing benefits to help slow down the aging process.

Various studies have covered the incredible capabilities of topical DMAE:

One study examined the effects of DMAE on cultured human fibroblasts. The scientists found that DMAE decreased fibroblast proliferation and increased fibroblast apoptosis.

Another group examined the effects of topical DMAE on mice and humans. Topical DMAE led to increased dermal thickness. DMAE also induced increase in collagen fiber thickness, which was observed in the histopathological study. After the single and the 8-week period application on human skin, formulations with and without DMAE enhanced the stratum corneum water content in the skin where it was applied.

In a randomized clinical study, 3% DMAE facial gel applied daily for 16 weeks has been shown to be safe and efficacious (p < 0.05) in the mitigation of forehead lines and periorbital fine wrinkles, and in improving lip shape and fullness and the overall appearance of aging skin. These effects did not regress during a 2-week cessation of application.

Two separate studies comprising a total of 38 volunteers found that topical deanol (DMAE) gel increased skin firmness.

Life Choice's® Anti Aging DMAE Cream

As the body’s largest organ, the skin reflects the health of what lies beneath, like a living, breathing mirror. So from its pristine condition at birth, the skin is subject to attacks from within and without, as the elements and insufficient dietary nutrients chip away at the vibrancy of youth. more

Meet Eldon Dahl, Life Choice's® Owner, Founder and CEO

Eldon Dahl, Doctorate of Natural Medicine, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Life Choice Ltd. 

Mr. Dahl has three decades of experience in the naturopathic and natural healing industries. In his executive role with the company, Eldon oversees all daily operations concerning the product formulations from the design stage (including raw material sourcing) to the licensing stage (including 3rd party testing of the final product). Eldon also spearheads all health-related research into medical conditions—specifically anti-aging and chronic disease treatments.  Eldon’s philosophy is simple: educate and provide therapeutic medicines that work equally to allopathic drugs…without the side effects.

Eldon graduated with a Doctorate of Natural Medicine in 1988; he entered the natural health field as a practitioner after witnessing family members struggle with cancer and recognizing that environmental toxins and nutrition correlated with the disease process.  

He attributes his success in the industry to not compromising on core values, and using the highest quality raw materials in all his formulations. His mission statement of “Healing the Nation, One Person at a Time” really says it all.  

Outside of his work with Life Choice, Mr. Dahl gives back to the community through his volunteer efforts, offering free supplements to naturopathic satellite clinics.