Saturday, June 25, 2016

Life Choice's CLAW-OCHMB: To Fight Heavy Metal Accumulation In The Body

To fight heavy metal accumulation

A food borne exposure study carried out by heath researchers in 2012 at UC Davis and UCLA and subsequently published in the journal of Environmental Health found that "family members and preschool children in particular [were] at high risk for exposure to arsenic, dieldrin, DDE (a DDT metabolite) dioxins and acrylamide. These compounds have been linked to cancer, developmental disabilities, birth defects and other conditions."

In a recent article published in titled "How Heavy Metals Are Promoting Aging" the author of the article looked at how some heavy metals such as aluminum, beryllium, cadmium, lead, mercury, copper, arsenic, iron and nickel in high concentration levels "can significantly cause serious health problems by interfering with normal biological functioning.". The author goes on to name a long list of neurological disorders that could possibly result from these higher concentrated levels. 

                                             (Read)  How Heavy Metals Are Promoting Aging

At Life Choice We Understand!

At Life Choice® we understand heavy metal accumulation in the body. That is why we have formulated CLAW-OCHMB; a high quality nutraceutical that helps your body get rid of heavy metal accumulation. 

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