Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Natural Medicine: Colloidal Silver: Q and A With Life Choice CEO Eldon Dahl

Natural Medicine: Colloidal Silver

A Q and A with Eldon Dahl (founder and CEO of Life Choice Ltd®)

Q) Dear Life Choice, 

I’m researching the different silver products that we carry here at Goodness Me! so we have better information for our customers. I read the information page on your website about your colloidal silver, and I also watched the video. I’m confused about one thing that was mentioned in the video, and hoped you could give me some clarity on it (I wasn’t sure who to email).

In the video, he mentions that colloidal silver is negatively charged, so it will attract positive charges within the body. However, the research I’ve done thus far on all silver products is that they’re positively charged, so now I’m not sure if it’s just your product that is negatively charged, if silver can be either one, and if either would work the same way in the body.

I really appreciate any information you can give me.


Hello Laura, 

A) This is a great question. I am so happy this inquiry came to light so we can properly explain the differences of our colloidal silver products in comparison to other brands.

My answer borders on proprietary information, but the question must be addressed. The science behind our colloidal silver is complex. We use 20 ppm both electrically charged and homeopathically charged colloidal silver in our formulation. Electrically charged is positive and attaches to negatively charged anaerobic pathogens / antibodies; at this point, we agree. Here is where it gets interesting: homeopathic remedies work in the opposite manner, a like cures a like; they are negatively charged and when they enter the body they attach to negatively charged anaerobic pathogens / antibodies for elimination. Our dual charged combination of colloidal silver works 100% more effective than most commercial brands on the market today because it uses two charging mechanisms.

Another very important difference is in the production: we don’t use nanoparticles. The electrically charged bond is for eliminating the pathogens--in theory sparing the good pathogens / gut friendly bacteria. Here is where the negatively charged homeopathic comes to play; friendly bacteria are not always negatively charged. Sometimes they are eliminated to the positively charged silver particles. Nanoparticles are thought to neutralize pathogens by restricting oxygen, but they also destroy friendly gut bacteria, just like antibiotics do, but no one is talking about this

Nanoparticles cause clustering. Several clinical studies prove that silver nanoparticles may cause clustering within the lungs, resulting in lung cancer.

Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of silver nanoparticles in the human lung cancer cell line, A549

I hope that makes things more clear.

Sincerely yours, 

Eldon Dahl, Doctorate in Natural Medicine
Founder and CEO of Life Choice Ltd®.

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