Monday, October 5, 2015

The Real Effects of Statin Drugs

The Real Effects of Statin Drugs

On October 2, 2015 published an article titled "Statins Kill, Cholesterol Does Not: The Real Effects Of Statin Drugs." The article, written by Life Choice owner and founder Eldon Dahl focused on the adverse effects of Statin drugs. Dahl, who possesses a doctorate in natural medicine, began the article by writing  "the truth about statin drugs is finally getting attention in scientific journals, and it's the same truth we've been telling customers for years: statins are cellular poison. They accelerate aging and cause diabetes, heart attacks, muscle fatigue and memory loss."

In the article Dahl went on to quote stem cell biologist Professor Reza Izadpanah who stated, "People who use statins as a preventative medicine for health should think again as our research shows they may have general unwanted effects on the body which could include muscle pain, nerve problems and joint problems."

At Life Choice We Understand 

At Life Choice we understand that there are natural alternatives to stains. Life Choice's  Neurotransmitter SupportSAM-e, and L-Arginine, are just three of the possible alternatives that an individual can choose as a natural alternative. 

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