Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Study: Face Time With Loved Ones May Help Prevent Depression In The Elderly

Study: Face Time With Loved Ones May Help Prevent Depression In The Elderly

A recent article published in Reuters Health on October 22, 2015 written by Janice Neumann and titled "Face Time With Loved Ones May Help Prevent Depression In The Elderly" stated that "Frequent get-togethers with their children or friends could help ward off depression in older adults more effectively than phone or written contact."

Dr. Alan Teo, a psychiatrist at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, whose research Neumann focused upon said "“The key finding is that meeting friends and family face to face acts as strong preventive medicine for depression, and specifically we found the more often you got together in person, the lower the risk of depression,” 

Teo went on to say "phone contact protected against depression in only one situation - when the individual was already depressed, Email and other written contacts showed no conclusive benefit."

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