Tuesday, August 4, 2015

University Students: Improve Your Grades and Lifestyle the Natural Way!

University Students: Improve Your Grades and Enhance Your Lifestyle the Natural Way!

It is August and that means students are getting ready to go back to school  For university students this means a hectic and stressful time, especially for 1st year students. 

At Life Choice, we understand the stress that university students go through. We also understand that it is important that students take care of their body and do not abuse it with illegeal or addicting or 'shared' prescription drugs.

That is why at Life Choice, we offer a variety of safe, natural, non addicting health products that can help students achieve their goals with no risk to their mental or physical health. Products that will help them study better and get better grades. 

For students in a competitive environment, it is nice to know that they have Life Choice in their corner. 

"How Life Choice products helped me"

My name is Kinga H. and I’m a student at the University of Szeged in Hungary. I’m studying Biology and my wish is to become a scientist. This is the path I’ve chosen and I know that it won’t be easy. It’s a hard and stressful path. But I have to fight for my dream.

In this fight Life Choice products are helping me a lot. As a biology student it is important for me what kind of products I’m using to keep myself fit and calm during exams. I prefer natural products. I chose Life Choice because of the natural origin and the free form of the molecules they offer. I’ve learned and read about these compounds. I know them. I’m happy that we can use nature’s gifts. They are safe, no side effects or dependence. This is what our body needs.

I personally use two products: L-Tyrosine and DMAE.

When I have to study a lot and the time is short, or on the exam day, when I must be fit, I take DMAE. I know that DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol bitartate) is a precursor to acetyl-choline, our key neurotransmitter, and that means that my brain is working better when I take it.

But my biggest problem is stress. Under stress I can’t do anything, I can’t study or remember the stuff I learned and I have a horrible belly-ache. Thanks to Life Choice’s L-Tyrosine it’s a thing of the past. Without these products I can’t imagine how my university years would be. Terrible and more difficult, I think.

Sometimes when I learn a lot, I just can’t sleep. I solve this problem with Life Choice’s Melatonin. I know that this product is good for my body too, because it’s a hormone that’s part of the normal human sleep-wake cycle.

I’m very thankful to the Life Choice Company for taking care of our health!

Kinga H.


Life Choice is the leader in the manufacturing and supply of top quality nutraceuticals. The company only manufacturers the highest quality natural health products to markets in Canada, the U.S. and the E.U. 

All Life Choice products are clinically tested, government approved and licensed. Each product is formulated under the direct supervision of Eldon Dahl, (doctor of natural medicine) and the company's founder and CEO.

All of the company's products are professionally formulated to have therapeutic and medicinal value.  

Ask your medical practitioner, naturopath physcian or health food store manger for products that carry the Life Choice label.  Or better yet, please visit our website and check out our products for yourself. 

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