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Health Fusion 2015

he latest news from Life Choice! 

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Webinar with Founder/CEO Eldon Dahl on July 16!

Title: "Total Gut Health"
Date: July 16, 2015
Time: 5:30 pm (MST)
Instructions to Join: 

  • By Computer/Tablet/Smartphone: Go to this link:        
  • By Phone: Call either number, using access code 685-837-397 
    Canada (Toll-free): 1 877 777 3281
    Canada +1 (647) 497-9380

Health Fusion 2015 

Doctor’s Choice participated in Health Fusion 2015 conference. This year marks the first international delegation of naturopathic doctors and the 60 year anniversary of the CAND (Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors).  Life Choice Ltd. and Doctor’s Choice® strongly believe in supporting naturopathic medicine by being platinum sponsors of CAND and supporting naturopathic schools, such as The Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, and the CCNM, (Canadian College Naturopathic Medicine). We have student reps in both schools, a Life Choice® clinic room in CCNM, and the full support of the colleges, dispensaries, and satellite clinics.

We were thrilled to see long time ND customers stopping by our booth; many commented on the formulations as pressing the envelope and being cutting edge. The items that drew the most attention were the medicinal grade DMSO gel mixed with Sweet Relief Cream (12% MSM with capsicum and eucalyptus), and the Oscar buzz association with our anti-aging products: DMAE cream, HGH+ homeopathic, and DMF Melatonin (1 mg per day for anti-aging).

Two topics that drew surprise were the differences of our fermented amino acids and our DMF melatonin. Most assumed all versions were the same. Many clinical studies support the use of melatonin for conditions ranging from concussions to cancer therapy. Synthetic or animal-derived melatonin is much less effective than the patented DMF (drug manufactured file), USP (United State Pharmacopeia) melatonin used by Life Choice® and Doctor’s Choice®. The starting position origin is L-tryptophan, a known serotonin releaser.

Fermented amino acids were raised several times. Most assumed all amino acids were produced the same, when in fact they are not. How would they know if the products they were purchasing are fermented? Our response was simple: if a supplier is not talking about using fermented amino acids when they cost as much as 300% more than chemically extracted amino acids, then perhaps they aren’t. Wouldn’t that be one of the main selling features?

At Life Choice® and Doctor’s Choice®, the professional, therapeutic medicine that sets our lines apart has been our mission all along. Our products have strong health claims because we can back those claims. We have done the research to produce a professional product; we have carefully formulated our products to have genuine therapeutic value; and, we have designed our products to be real medicine in every sense of the word. 
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