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Male Health Week. Men;Stay Healthy And Fit!

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Men's Health Week 

For the first time ever, the Canadian Health Association and the Canadian Men's Health Foundation have teamed up to introduce Men's Health Week in Canada. This special focus runs from June 9-15. In recognition of this important emphasis, Life Choice would like to dedicate this newsletter to Men's Health Week.

CTV recently published a story where the impact of men's poor health decisions was measured in annual financial cost. This was the breakdown:
  • Smoking: $13 billion
  • Excess weight: $11.9 billion
  • Alcohol consumption: $7.6 billion
  • Physical inactivity: $4.4 billion
This adds to a cost of $36.9 billion per year, and these four factors alone contribute to 40 health conditions. The effects of these choices also spiral out, affecting men's partners and communities. In fact, the study found that 45% of women over 65 are widows. If men addressed these 4 key issues, up to 70% of the health care costs associated with them could be avoided.

The Canadian Health Association has highlighted 5 main ways men can monitor themselves to stay healthy:
  1. Be aware of testicular cancer. In addition to regular self-checking, try our Healing Male caps and Fiery Male for a natural testosterone boost. Zinc Picolinate is also great for prostate health.
  2. Monitor for high blood pressure. L-Arginine is very beneficial for heart health and blood pressure. 
  3. Look out for high cholesterol. Smoking increases the potential for cholesterol problems. Kava has shown promise in preventing the development of lung cancer from smoking. 
  4. Know the signs of Type II diabetes (thirst, exhaustion, and dramatic weight change). If your blood sugar levels are out of control, use Vanadyl Sulfate for diabetes control and prevention. 
  5. While the Canadian Health Association recommends immunization as the 5th step to health, Life Choice would instead promote a strong immune system built naturally. 
Life Choice Founder/CEO Eldon Dahl recently lead a webinar on Male Health, which can be viewed here
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