Monday, May 25, 2015

Men: Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Attack And Prostate Cancer At The Same Time!

Men: Reduce Your Risk Of Heart Attack 
And Prostate Cancer At The Same Time!

Men, would you like to reduce your risk of heart attack and prostate cancer at the same time?  Well, according to an article published in on May 20, 2015 you can. How? More sex!

According to the article titled 10 Ways Sex Heals Your Body the author of the article pointed to scientific research that shows that the more sex a man has the less chance he has of having a heart attack

"Men who have sex more than twice a week, have a lesser chance of having a heart attack, when compared to men who avoid sex."

When it comes to prostate protection the article goes on to say that the more men ejaculate the lesser chance of them developing prostate cancer.

"Researchers have found that men who had five or more ejaculations weekly while in their 20s reduced their risk of getting prostate cancer later by a third. Another study, reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that frequent ejaculations, 21 or more a month, were linked to lower prostate cancer risk in older men, as well, compared with less frequent ejaculations of four to seven monthly." 
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Listen as Hollywood actor Nick Mancuso talks about the benefits of Fiery Male in one of our archived post titled Men, Increase Your Libido and Testosterone Levels the Natural Way


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