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Cognition And Ageing

Cognition And Ageing 

On April 25, 2015  The Lancet published an article titled Cognitive Ageing: Wisdom In The Bigger Picture. In that article the publication reviewed a series of ageing recommendations by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

The report itself was published in response to the needs of an ageing population that increasingly turns to health professionals for help with the effects of growing older on their daily lives and health choices. As the article stated "Cognitive ageing is not a disease, but a natural part of growing up and getting older that starts in utero and continues until death. Cognition describes memory, attention and processing and encompasses wisdom, learning and understanding."

The publication goes on to state how the report describes activities that individuals can take to support cognitive health; "keeping physically and socially active, taking control of cardiovascular risk factors, getting enough sleep etc.."

As our population ages, our society faces many challenges, one of those challenges is to gain a critical understanding both from a scientific and a health perspective. Those involved in health care and health planning, as well as those who research the field, can and do, play a very important and significant role in helping understand this very complex dynamic.

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