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Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND Challenges The Validity Of A CBC Market Place Report Titled Drugstore Remedies: "Licensed To Deceive"

Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND Challenges The Validity Of A CBC Market Place 
Report Titled Drugstore Remedies: "Licensed To Deceive"

An Opt Editorial By Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND

(On Friday March 13, 2015 CBC’s Market Place aired a report  titled  Drugstore Remedies: “Licensed to Deceive”  Dr. Eldon Dahl, a trained naturopath and the CEO of Life Choice Ltd. challenges the validity of that report with the following opt editorial) 

Our industry seemed a bit worried in advance of the Market Place Report titled, Drugstore remedies: “Licensed to Deceive,” by host Erica Johnson, which aired March 13, 2015. Our trade association, CHFA, sent an email to all members in advance of the airing so they would not be too surprised. In the email they made the comment, “We stand behind the safety, quality and efficacy of natural health products, and will work to ensure that Canadians understand that these products are in fact rigorously regulated by Health Canada, and that they can continue to be confident when purchasing and using natural health products.”

I feel a statement must be made in order to point out the errors. To set the records straight, I am a member of the CHFA and have been for many years, and what I can say about them is,“They sure put on a good health show.” Our products are all licensed by Health Canada.In reality, a natural product number (NPN)given to a product is no guarantee of high quality.What it does show is that your product is documented and under the control and licensing body of Health Canada. The key to the products having efficacy has more to do with business ethics than it does with a product license.

Market Place focused their attention on homeopathic remedies and mainly on the product Mosi-Q, an oral treatment for preventing mosquito bites.In all honesty, they showed no mercy.In all fairness, homeopathic medicine cannot be tested like they did on the program: one application 30 minutes before putting your arm in a cage infested with mosquitos.As a homeopathic product it was failure without question. And I believe they knew it would end this way and that is why they did it on national television. In addition, to show NPN licensed products as being highly questionable,they licensed their own fictitious homeopathic remedy and cited that the licensing procedure had gaping holes.In the end, they received a product license for an imaginary product by producing nothing more than a photo copy from a book and filling in the proper paperwork. This procedure can easily be manipulated by those who are unlearned of true natural medicine and or unethical people who focus mainly is on money and not on healing.

Market Place Report was a one-sided attack without the opportunity of rebuttal.They had as an authority to answer questions of homeopathic medicine an MD who had very limited formal education concerning nutrition or the natural health industry.The reporter used loaded questions knowing what the answers would be in order to make her point stick with the viewers. My question is this, “Why was there not a homeopathic doctor on the program who could explain how classical homeopathic medicine works, and to allow equal time for the natural health industry side in order to present an equal argument and allow the public to decide?” Their objective was accomplished: they wanted to show the entire licensing scheme as a joke.

The tactic the reported used at the end of the program was a classic CBC trick. The reporter was in the Parliament Hill Rotunda placing a call to the Minister of Health, making it appear that the Minister would not respond to Market Place's questions. In reality, Parliament Hill Press and CBC are aware that no cabinet Minister is available for a direct call. Their staff takes all calls and prioritizes responses for a time when the Minister is available. The CBC constantly commits a sin of omission by not telling viewers whether or not the Minister is in their office or even in town -- making the government appear insensitive or arrogant and disinterested.

Those of us in the know understand the licensing concerns,and due to the position we are currently in, a sub class of drugs, damaging pointed attacks by the media affects all licensed natural health products—from those sold in the Dollar Store to professional therapeutic medicinal quality brands.   

CHFA should not allow this issue to simmer in hopes it goes away.What happens if it repeats, do we still sit by idly once again? In my opinion CHFA should contact this reporter and demand equal rights to be heard.If the CBC refuses to cooperate, they should contact their counterpart, CTV News, W5, Doc Zone, or the Fifth Estate.

Real investigative journalism would interview both sides using authorities from the medical / pharmaceutical side and the naturopathic / homeopathic natural medicine side--people who understand the issues and can discuss the benefits and downfalls of natural health products (NHP) and pharmaceutical drugs. In reality, can you really say Health Canada or for that matter the CHFA are the authorities of medicine?One is a government bureaucracy and the other is a member-driven trade show organizer.Who are the real voices of health care?

The CHFA must point out the flaws in the current licensing of natural health products in order to come clean and to be respected.Prevention is a much better way than waiting for the next attack. Does Health Canada care about the natural health industry’s survival? I am not too sure they do.Health Canada has yet to prove that they take a supportive position.       

Natural medicine has been with us in some form or another from the beginning of time, and it is here to stay. The views from allopathic medicine and natural medicine will always differ.Natural medicine seeks the cause of illness for treatment, and allopathic medicine treats the symptoms and performs first aid when needed. Attacks are not new and will continue, the strength of the health industry will be decided whether we stand up against the attacks or sit quietly in hopes they go away. 

Dr. Eldon Dahl is a trained naturopath, and the Founder and CEO of Life Choice® nutraceutical product line

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