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Radiation Concerns: Warning Labels On Cell Phones Proposed By M.P.

Warning Labels On Cellphones Proposed By Conservative MP

Radiation Concerns

On January 20, 2015 The Daily Brew published an article titled "Warning Labels on Cellphones Proposed By Conservative MP"
The article focused on Oakville MP Terence Young's Private Members Bill which calls for cell phone warning labels to be pulled from the back of owner's manuals and instead be posted prominently on either the device's box or on the device itself.

Young says "he has multi-party support for his motion, which if passed would see all wireless devices sold in Canada include warning labels similar to those on tobacco or alcohol."

According to the article, "The World Health Organization places wireless radiation on the same cancer warning-list as DDT, lead and car exhaust."

The group Canadians For Safe Technology has [also] spoken out against electromagnetic radiation in the past, stating that a “significant and growing percentage of our population suffer ill health effects caused by emissions from everyday wireless devices and infrastructure.”

Young says, "that while some tech companies already place warning labels on the inside of cellphone manuals, they aren’t noticeable enough and should be larger, [and] more prominent. Their warnings are in fine print, in paper booklets that few people read. This new bill ensures those same warnings will be readable and easy to find, right on the packaging or the device."

                        (Read) Warning Labels On Cell Phones Proposed By Conservative M.P.

A Message From Life Choice CEO And Founder Dr. Eldon Dahl ND
Thyroid and Adrenal Gland, and the entire endocrine system affected by radiation - radiation attacks the thyroid gland and Adrenal gland by depleting its ability to function properly. 

As it currently stands 70% + of our population already suffer from inadequately functioning thyroid, and the need for support has never been greater with the daily radiation being discharged from a variety of sources. Also radiation affects our cognitive ability; the first sign is forgetfulness, followed by disturbed sleep disorders, and it is not a strange coincidence whatsoever that forgetfulness and dementia are on the increase, and it its beginning to affect our youth and not only our seniors
And our Adrenal glands, ionizing radiation above a certain threshold causes tissue destruction in organs. White radiation below that threshold may not seem as deadly, it can cause structural and function cell protein damage, including DNA and RNA. In overall radiation exposure, the adrenal gland may be affected through the pituitary gland. In a large exposure to radiation, the adrenal gland can also be directly affected, leading to lower levels of cortisol and other adrenal hormones. 

For example, in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster back in 1986 it was reported that the adrenal cortical activity decreased by 36% in residents living in or around the area. In addition, rodents there had morphological disorders in the adrenal gland, thyroid gland, and ovaries, along with gene mutations and chromosomal abnormalities.

Life Choice® Protocol: Worried About Radiation?

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Thyroid Gland:

Helps restore function to under-active thyroid gland (not recommended for over-active gland)
·         Glandulars are quick-frozen concentrates, derived from New Zealand range-grazed bovine
·         Includes kelp, zinc, iodide
·       In one double-blind study, supplementation with both low and high doses of kelp increased both basal and post stimulation TSH levels.
·         A study of zinc on 2 college females showed it positively affected their thyroid hormone levels—particularly T3 and resting metabolic rate (RMR).
·         Potassium iodide also protects the thyroid gland.

Adrenal Gland:

·         Glandular therapy provides the raw materials for tissue cells to repair/replace themselves
·        Formula supported with calcium ascorbate—Vitamin C and calcium act like shock absorbers when stress hits
·     Gotu kola has a significant history in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as a treatment for anxiety and depression.
·        In one trial, 40 people were split into two groups, one receiving 12g gotu kola, and the other receiving placebo, to determine the effect on anxiety. The gotu kola significantly decreased anxiety within 30-60 minutes when compared to placebo.

Thyroid Support:

·         When under attack, the thyroid requires iodine (ideally plant-based iodine from sea kelp)
        Because the product is homeopathic, it will work gently with the body, which is ideal especially for children or the elderly. This helps restore or maintain a healthy thyroid gland.


·         P5P is a great immune system booster.
·   P5P is associated with numerous enzymes, many of which are involved in amino acid metabolism, which produces the neurotransmitters dopamine, nor-adrenalin, and GABA as well as the hemoglobin in red blood cells.
·         P5P is the only form of B6 that the fetus and newborn baby can use.

Note: Life Choice TM glands are sourced from New Zealand bovine: this is the mecca for the purest most natural beef on the planet. Our glands are extracted from grass-fed and hormone-free cattle. BSE and TSE’s do not occur in New Zealand--a national surveillance program is in place to provide TSE monitoring. The feeding of ruminant protein (except milk) to ruminants is prohibited in New Zealand.

Also, the glands are processed in an establishment operating in accordance with New Zealand law. The glands are considered free of all diseases of concern to the OIE, relevant to the trade in these products.


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MP Wants Tougher Standards On Warning Labels

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