Thursday, February 19, 2015

Newsletter: New Full Spectrum Enzyme Is Here!

The latest news from Life Choice! 

February Alive Sale:

Life Choice is happy to pass Alive discounts on to our wholesale customers, but we ask that retailers would participate by ordering at least 12 of the featured Alive product(s), and also pass the savings along to retail customers, as well. 

Learn more about Ephedra here

Current Sales

We are currently running sales on the following products, which will be half off for our wholesale customers:
  • Memory Support (expiry 03/15)
  • Healing Male Prostate (expiry 04/15)
  • Healing Male Cream (expiry 12/15)
  • Recovery H Cream (expiry 12/15)
  • Lean Energizer with L-Carnitine (expiry 11/15)
  • Lean Night (expiry 10/15)
Please keep in mind that products are usually potent 2 years after the expiry date. These sales will run as long as stock lasts. 
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Last week, Life Choice was featured on local and national news! We sent our DMAE Cream and our HgH+ Homeopathic for Oscar nominee gift bags!

See the CTV video at this link:

New Full Spectrum Enzyme Is Here!

Digestion--what is consumed and what is absorbed into the bloodstream--plays a very important role in health and well-being. Have you ever eaten a large meal and felt the urge to have a rest? This is because your energy has been diverted from the brain and instead directed to the gut. This is understandable, but not a normal reaction if you have taken the proper enzymes with your meals. There is an exception: turkey dinner. Turkey has naturally occurring tryptophan, which makes you sleepy and relaxed.

Food combinations are also very important, as well as drinking with meals. Did you know that drinking cold water with your meals dilutes the enzymatic action of digestions? That’s right--it reduces the activity. Water should be consumed 20 minutes prior to meals or at least 90 minutes after meals so that it does not impede digestion.

Life Choice is introducing a truly unique (real) Full Spectrum Digestive Enzyme. It is not a vegan formulation by choice because the majority of society is not vegan, or for that matter, vegetarian. Society eats meat, dairy, carbohydrates, sugars, fats, and even processed fast foods. People need all the help they can get to preserve the few daily enzymes the body creates. These enzymes break down the food in order to retain its nutrients. It is not necessarily what you eat but what you absorb that really counts, and Life Choice Full Spectrum Digestive Enzyme will become your meal's best friend.
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