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Exciting Study: Probiotics, Enzymes and Mental Health

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Probiotics, Enzymes and Mental Health

New Canadian research is exploring the connection between gut health and mental health.

Just last year, a study conducted at St. Joseph’s Healthcare in Hamilton, Ontario, found that when mice were depleted of healthy gut bacteria, they became depressed and anxious. When given a probiotic, however, anxiety-reducing chemicals flooded their brains, leading to an improved disposition in the mice.

The key to this phenomenon could be inflammation. Researchers from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health have discovered that patients who are depressed have brain inflammation. The greater the inflammation, the greater the depression. Because probiotics are anti-inflammatory, they may not only be helping the stomach, but also the brain.

Taking a cue from these findings, a current study at the Women’s College Hospital in Toronto is specifically examining whether probiotics could be used to treat bipolar disorder.

Dr. John Bienenstock, director of the Brain-Body Institute at St. Joseph’s, stated, “Psychiatry may well find that there are many factors in the intestines that promote the expression of anxiety, depression, and so on, so looking inside the brain only is not the only way of looking at things. This is a revolution in itself.”

Did you know that enzymes may have a role to play in mental health, as well? Dr. Lita Lee has theorized that there are 4 causes of nutritional mental problems:
  • Protease deficiency: problems digesting protein--According to Dr. Lee, protease deficiency leads to excessive alkaline reserves, which are not balanced out by acidity in the body. 
  • Sugar intolerance: inability to digest common and simple sugars--Because sugar is so prevalent in Western diets, most people are sugar deficient simply because the amount consumed is greater than the body's ability to digest it. Those who already have low sugar-digesting enzymes, though, are at a disadvantage either way.
  • Hypothyroidism: deficiency in thyroid hormone--While hypothyroidism has many physical symptoms, mental symptoms can also manifest, as well.
  • Poor diet: eating an abundance of junk food (which usually contains large amounts of sugar). Studies have explored the connection between nutritional deficiency and mental issues before, and this connection should come as no surprise to those who study holistic health.
Life Choice currently offers Laktokhan probiotic, and we will be debuting our Full Spectrum Digestive Enzyme soon. With this new research, we would encourage our customers to give these products a second look not only for a healthy gut, but also for a healthy brain.
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