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Newsletter: The Answer To The Business of Sickness

January Alive Sale:
Thymus Gland

Life Choice is happy to pass Alive discounts on to our wholesale customers, but we ask that retailers would participate by ordering at least 12 of the featured Alive product(s), and also pass the savings along to retail customers, as well. 

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Current Sales

We are currently running sales on the following products, which will be half off for our wholesale customers:
  • Migraine Relief (expiry 02/15)
  • Memory Support (expiry 03/15)
  • Healing Male Prostate (expiry 04/15)
  • Healing Male Cream (expiry 12/15)
  • Recovery H Cream (expiry 12/15)
  • Lean Energizer with L-Carnitine (expiry 11/15)
  • Lean Night (expiry 10/15)
Please keep in mind that products are usually potent 2 years after the expiry date. These sales will run as long as stock lasts. 

The Answer to the Business of Sickness

Last week's newsletter was a sobering reminder of why we must be alert when it comes to the common practices of medicine and the common trends of disease. The tides are rising, and we must come to the table with new solutions.

Fortunately, the solutions are not really new, because they have been time-tested over the years. Life Choice products have received incredible feedback, helping real people combat real medical issues. 

Here are some great examples of how our formulations can help protect against the tide of disease:
  • For chronic pain and arthritis: DMSO and MSM are great topical pain relievers, and DLPA works internally to increase pain resistance
  • For food sensitivities or poor digestion: Laktokhan useful not only for digestion, but also the immune system. Soon we will have a Digestive Enzyme available, which will also help with proper digestion.
  • For sleeplessness: Our Melatonin is DMF file, meaning the highest possible quality. No more nightmares!
  • For mental function: Neurotransmitter Support offers a host of healthy brain food
  • For colds and flu: Our Colloidal Silver is great for staving off nasty bugs! Also consider our Ephedra tincture for congestion and allergies.
  • For autism: DMAE (Deanol) has shown positive results in autism therapy. 
  • For diabetes: Vanadyl Sulfate does a wonderful job of keeping glucose levels in check.
  • For hormonal imbalance: Our Male and Female products are designed to naturally balance hormones.
  • For stress and anxiety: Try our Kava, GABA, or L-Tyrosine for calm and focus.
  • For vaccine and drug detox: Our CLAW-OCHMB, combined with our Opti-Cal/Mag Complex with K2, are effective to remove plaque and heavy metals from the body.
  • For obesity: Thyroxycut promotes weight loss through thyroid gland balance. Also, HgH+ Homeopathic balances the endocrine system, promoting lean muscle, along with other anti-aging benefits.

"The 'Sweet Relief Cream' is the BOMB!  Love it!  WOW, what a difference it has made for Me . . . I use it on my neck (c4-c5 crack damage from auto accident 30+ yrs ago). Although I know it can't repair the crack in My c4-c5, I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it IS helping the nerve endings, muscles, ligaments, tissue surrounding this area, and my neck in general from the pain and tension!  My headaches and nausea have subsided,  I know that this is also due to the fact that I'm NOT babying/treating My neck with fragility, because it is NOT hurting the way it did before! And ... the 'Balanced Female' ...  Believe it or not, I've noticed a difference in a short amount of time, and I've started off with only 1 pill a day, just to monitor how I react to it!   It has a calming effect to it!  Since my hysterectomy (partial) many years ago, my hormones have been whacked. My body has been so confused, which leaves my emotions all over the place. . . I've been keeping a small journal of all of this to remember how I am feeling, and the changes ... I'm even sleeping better at night ... I'm now only taking 1 Acetaminophen/Tramadol for My Arthritis (Not 2) and using Melatonin and Sleepy Tea to help Me get a solid night's sleep ...  in a few week's I will try the 2 pills a day, and see how that goes, and I'll keep you updated!"


"I suffer from an auto immune disorder which causes severe joint pain every moment of every day.  I most recently starting take you’re SAMe, DLPA and DMSO and your MSM- Sweet Relief cream to help alleviate the pain. I have been taking it now for two weeks and I am without pain for the first time in months.  I love to walk and play with my dog but until today I have not been able to full out run with her without the lasting effects of doing so. Today I ran with her and had no pain, I have been able to hike every weekend and not be in pain the next day and I no longer feel like I am destined to a life of prescription anti-inflammatory and pain relievers. Thank you, I know that you are faced with adversity every day in ensuring that Canadians can continue to receive these great products."



As you can see, Life Choice is not just sounding the alarm--we are also providing solutions to weather the storm.
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