Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Newsletter 9.5: No Substitutions

The latest news from Life Choice! 

January Alive Sale:
Thymus Gland

Life Choice is happy to pass Alive discounts on to our wholesale customers, but we ask that retailers would participate by ordering at least 12 of the featured Alive product(s), and also pass the savings along to retail customers, as well. 

Learn more about Thymus Gland here

Current Sales

We are currently running sales on the following products, which will be half off for our wholesale customers:
  • Migraine Relief (expiry 02/15)
  • Memory Support (expiry 03/15)
  • Healing Male Prostate (expiry 04/15)
  • Healing Male Cream (expiry 12/15)
  • Recovery H Cream (expiry 12/15)
  • L-Taurine (expiry 12/15)
  • Lean Energizer with L-Carnitine (expiry 11/15)
  • Lean and Trim with L-Carnitine (expiry 02/15)
Please keep in mind that products are usually potent 2 years after the expiry date. These sales will run as long as stock lasts. 
No Substitutions

Happy New Year, everyone!

As you may have noticed, Life Choice products are now coming with stickers which say, "Please Do Not Substitute."

We have implemented these stickers for one main reason: switching products could mean varying results. If a customer starts using Life Choice Melatonin, for instance, and has great results, it could be tempting to generalize that all Melatonin would work the same way, and seek out a cheaper option.

The problem with this approach is that all raw material is not created equally. Different companies have different approaches, and if another brand is focused on cutting costs, the raw material will reflect that difference, resulting in a product that does not benefit the customer.

If a product is working, it's more productive--and easier on one's system--to stay with that product, rather than keep switching and looking for a deal. This is why we say, "Please Do Not Substitute."

Life Choice strives to maintain a consistent high quality in all our formulations, and to do so, we stick with proven raw material suppliers. We never purchase our ingredients based on price, but rather on purity. 

To the discerning customer, this matters. Customers who frequent health food stores, and who care about what they are putting into their bodies, want to purchase from a line they can trust. Fully informed customers are happy to make an investment in reliable products because they know what the long-term reward will be.

Life Choice is worth the investment.
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