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Life Choice's Sweet Relief Cream And Balanced Female Receive Another Endorsement

Life Choice's Sweet Relief Cream And 
Balanced Female Receive Another Endorsement

For almost 30 years Life Choice has been supplying the natural health industry with the highest quality nutraceuticals in the Canadian market. Naturopathic doctors as well as other professionals in the field, understand the quality and care that goes into each and every Life Choice product. 

For those who use Life Choice products, they only understand one thing - THAT LIFE CHOICE PRODUCTS WORK!

Testimonials are abundant at the company's head office near Calgary, AB;  For those who try and use Life Choice products for the first time, their positive feedback does not go unnoticed as is exemplified in the following letter.

A Letter From Another Satisfied Life Choice Customer

Thank You for sharing this Article with Me ... I do appreciate the information, and want you to know that I have shared it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest ...  It is information that should and need's to be shared!  

It has now been more than a month since starting My Protocol, and I wanted to update You!  
The 'Sweet Relief Cream' is the BOMB!  Love it!  WOW, what a difference it has made for Me!  And I am NOT kidding!  Especially in the dead of Winter with the frigid cold temps!  I have followed the instructions, and apply it sparingly, I have found it doesn't take much!  I use it on My Neck (c4-c5 crack damage from auto accident 30+ yrs ago) although I know it can't repair the crack in My c4-c5, I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it IS helping the nerve endings, muscles, ligaments, tissue surrounding this area, and My neck in general from the pain, tension!  My headaches and nausea have subsided,  I know that this is also due to the fact that I'm NOT babying/treating My neck with fragility, because it is NOT hurting the way it did before!   Before I would over due the muscles, etc. from being afraid to move My neck, that is NOT the case anymore!   I know I can't ride roller-coasters EVER again, but to Me, this is an EXCELLENT start!   

I have used the over the counter Hot/Cold **** for years now, and they need to pull that stuff off the shelves and destroy it!  Crap I tell You!  I've actually burned My neck a couple times, You can NOT reapply it several times a day, and it smells horrible, and didn't do anything to help!   When I would apply it, I would have to wear a scarf around My neck, I would get a chill on Me, even in the house!  Not with the 'Sweet Relief' ... NO Hot/Cold, just Warm, Calming, Soothing ... 

'Sweet Relief' I only use a small amount, it goes a long way, it smells Wonderful, Clean, Fresh ... Not like I just walked out of the Hospital ... and it has a Warm, Calming feeling to it ... I have NEVER burned My neck, and it lasts for hours!  I've also noticed it does NOT leave a residue on My clothes or pillowcase ...  I've used it all over My back, Neck, Knees ... the only place I have NOT been able to use it is My hands?  For some reason, even a small amount makes them itchy?  Maybe since there's Not as much fat/tissue to absorb it?   I will try it again, and less this time!  

And ... the 'Balanced Female' ...  Believe it or not, I've noticed a difference in a short amount of time, and I've started off with only 1 pill a day, just to monitor how I react to it!   It has a calming effect to it!  Since My Hysterectomy (partial) many years ago, My Hormones have been whacked, My body has been so confused, which leaves My emotions all over the place, DRIVES ME Crazy, and annoys Me, since I feel I have NO control over it!   I've been keeping a small journal of all of this to remember how I am feeling, and the changes ... I'm even sleeping better at night ... I'm now only taking 1 Acetaminophen/Tramadol for My Arthritis (Not 2) and using Melatonin and Sleepy Tea to help Me get a solid night's sleep ...  in a few week's I will try the 2 pills a day, and see how that goes, and I'll keep you updated!  

As I promised, I will video a Testimonial for You very soon to share My experiences and how I LOVE both of these!

I can NOT say Thank You ENOUGH!   Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!  

Forever GRATEFUL I AM to Nick for bringing Life Choice and Dr. Dahl into MY Life!  What a Blessing YOU have ALL been to Me!  I AM Incredibly, Humbly, GRATEFUL for all You have done for Me!  Thank You!

What EVER I can do to show My Gratitude, please let Me know ... And again, AGNES was a GEM to talk to!  So Sweet, Helpful and Kind ... Wonderful Lady!  

Thank You Dr. Dahl for creating these Natural Healing Products, and for all the **** You have endured to share them with the World, You are Heaven sent!

And, Thank You Nick for taking the time to care, and share Dr. Dahl with Me, I am Forever Grateful for You and your kind Heart, YOU are HEAVEN sent!

Best Wishes Dr. Dahl ... 

Nick ... My Love to You ...  Always,  Deborah 

Live Every Day with Love and Light


About The Products

Sweet Relief Cream

Life Choice's Sweet Relief Skin Cream is an all natural trans dermal cream that provides relief from pain associated with backache, lumbago, strains, bruises, sprains and arthritic or rheumatic conditions... more

Balanced Female

Throughout history, woman have been regarded as complex creatures indeed, and that complexity extends to their body chemistry too. Life Choice Balanced Female is a special formulation intended to help women ensure the inner balance that results in overall feelings of running like a s well oiled machine.. more

A Message From Life Choice Owner And Founder Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND

“The only way true healing can come is by treating the core (disease) issue, this is completely opposite to that of allopathic medicine which treats the symptoms only. This form of treatment compounds the core issue to the point that it worsens and spreads leading to more symtomatic treatment involving multiple drugs as the core issue spirals out of control to the point of death in most cases.”


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Life Choice is a leader in the manufacturing and supply of top quality nutraceuticals. The company only manufacturers and supplies the highest quality natural products to markets in Canada, the United States and the European Union. 

All Life Choice nutraceutcials are clinically tested, government approved and licensed. Every product in the Life Choice family is formulated under the direct supervision of Dr. Eldon Dahl
a trained naturopath and the company's founder and CEO.

All of the company's products are professionally formulated to have therapeutic and medicinal value. 

Ask your medical practitioner, naturopath physician, or health food store manger for products carrying the Life Choice label. Or better yet, please visit our website and check out our products for your self. 

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