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Consumer Tips: Pain Relief; How To Choose The Right DMSO Product

Consumer Tips: Pain Relief; How 
To Choose The Right  DMSO Product 

DMSO is used topically to decrease pain and to speed the healing of wounds, burns, muscle and skeletal   injuries. It is a great pain reliever and a very potent nutraceutical that offers deep healing relief for individuals. 

For those who have purchased a DMSO product in the past, or for those who are considering purchasing a DMSO product for the first time to help with pain relief, then this post is for you!

Section 1 - "Beware: Unlicensed DMSO" 

Knowing the difference between  Medicinal Grade DMSO versus Solvent Grade DMSO
Knowing the difference between Licensed DMSO versus unlicensed DMSO 

Section 2 - "Things To Know About DMSO"

Tips on how to handle the product correctly
Tips on how to get the most effective use of the product while minimizing irritation or discomfort

Section 3 - "Life Choice DMSO Fully Licensed By Health Canada

An introduction to Life Choice's DMSO Gel 
An introduction to Life Choice's DMSO Liquid

Beware: Unlicensed DMSO

DMSO is known as an incredible pain reliever and transporter. However, because DMSO is such a powerful product, it is crucial that only licensed, medicinal grade DMSO is purchased for medicinal use. 

While DMSO may be found in other forms, these are usually solvent grade, and their purity may be questionable. With a product as powerful as DMSO, questionable products could easily be dangerous products. If DMSO is unlicensed, or does not state medicinal grade on the label, there are no guarantees that the product has been reviewed for safety - by the manufacturer or Health Canada 

If customers are misled by solvent grade DMSO, both the customer and the entire market are at risk. Please ensure you are only using DMSO that is licensed by Health Canada, as that is the best way to ensure quality results. 

DMSO is a very potent nutrient offering deep healing especially for chronic pain management, and we want to see it on the market for a long time. It is critical that it be free from toxins and be medicinal grade. 

Things To Know About DMSO

DMSO is a very temperature sensitive product.

Liquid DMSO can and will crystalize in a cold environment. If this occurs place or keep the DMSO bottle in a warm (15C. to 20C) place and within a few hours it will go back to liquid form. For faster results, place the bottle in a clean zip lock bag, seal it, and place it in warm water. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT MICROWAVE IT. 

When using DMSO, always make sure to have clean hands and skin. DMSO is a powerful pain reliever and transporter. If you have dirt or anything else on your hands and or skin, DMSO will take it down to your deep tissue, as far as to the seventh layer into the dermis and can cause irritation or discomfort. 

If using DMSO after shower, it is recommended to wait 30 minutes to an hour, as the pores on the body are wide open and too much DMSO can be absorbed by the body causing irritation or discomfort.

DMSO has a strong sulfur and garlic odor. When applied garlic taste may be tasted in your mouth. This is a normal occurrence. 

To lessen the naturally occurring garlic smell of DMSO it is recommended to take premium liquid chlorophyl1, 1 tsp mixed in water. Chlorophyll is used for bad breath and reducing digestive track odors. 

DMSO products are packaged in glass containers, which eliminate all possibilities of  chemical leching.

At this time, Life Choice is the only company in North America with a legal license to sell DMSO products.

Life Choice DMSO is fully licensed by Health Canada:

DMSO gel 100g

Life Choice DMSO product license is directed for topical use only. It is critical that the product be free from toxins and be medicinal grade only. 

DMSO has many uses, but it is known mostly as a natural pain killer and transporter. First synthesized in 1866, DMSO is a sulfur containing organic compound derived as a byproduct of trees and shares a similiar cell structure as MSM, and can be used internally or externally. DMSO can aid injuries such as sprained ankles, sore muscles and joints and even fractures. more

DMSO Liquid 4oz.

DMSO also promotes immune system activity and can help in bodily detoxification. Historically, DMSO has also helped conditions such as neurological damage, arthritis, back problems, keloids, acne, burns, musculoskeletal problems, sinusitis, headaches, skin ulcers, herpes and cataracts more


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