Thursday, November 20, 2014

Toxins In The Food Chain: Why Quality Supplementation Is Necessary

Toxins in the Food Chain, And Why
Quality Supplementation is Necessary

On November 19, 2014 an article appeared in titled "Toxins In The Food Chain, And Why Quality Supplementation Is Necessary". The article was written by Dr. Eldon Dahl, a trained naturopath and the founder and CEO of Life Choice Ltd, a manufacturer of the Life Choice and Doctor;s Choice brands of high quality nutraceuticals.
In the article Dr. Dahl goes to great lengths to explain why quality supplementation is necessary to sustain and/or improve an individuals mental and physical well being. In this well documented article, Dr. Dahl goes to great lengths to show how our abuse of the environment, our use of current farming practices, and the introduction and use of "new scientific innovations"  have put our species on a direct collision course with the development of a strong healthy body and good cognitive development.
He begins his discussion in the ocean by pointing out the high levels of poisons and toxins that are abundant in many types of fish. He then moves the discussion over to land issues and talks about the uncertainty of GMO seeds, cross contamination and the alarming increase [and risk] of genetically modified food production.
When it comes to agriculture he talks about the dangers of herbicides and pesticides and how these chemicals are absorbed into the plant's structure; only to be consumed by humans at a later date. 
Finally, he ends his discussion by looking at the health risk posed to humans by the steroids and antibiotics that are given to cattle, sheep and pigs from birth to make them grow quicker.

(Read)  Toxins In The Food Chain And Why Quality Supplementation Is Necessary


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