Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Private Drug Industry: The System Is Broken!

The Private Drug Industry:
The System Is Broken!

"Ebola Reveals The Weaknesses In The System"
There are many lessons that we can learn from the Ebola virus. There are also many truths that have become very apparent with the outbreak. One of those truths is that the system that involves developing new remedies for viruses and bacteria is broken.
As we discussed in an earlier post a promising Ebola vaccine sat on the shelf for years because there was no profit to be made. There were not enough sick people to warrant the investment of bringing the vaccine to market.
The same narrative holds true when it comes to finding new types of antibiotics to fight new types of disease. Here, pharmaceutical companies are hesitant to invest because the antibiotic may actually cure the disease, thus causing a loss in profit and sales volume
History has shown that if  given the choice, pharmaceutical companies would rather invest their money in drugs where sales volume remain high and the situation is "continuous" as opposed to "cured"; two examples where drug companies have no difficulty spending money on research is in the area of  heart disease and arthritis. Why? because there is no cure, thus, the sales of medication is stable and continuous.

(The following article is a great case study when it comes to sales and profit. It seems that addiction is advantageous when it comes to corporate balance sheets).

Because of the Ebola virus this type of inefficiency in the marketplace has come to the attention of the mainstream media. Today, mainstream media is taking a more active role in investigating how vaccines and antibiotics are produced and what variables are actually included within the decision making process.of drug companies.

Interestingly, Dr. Eldon Dahl, a trained naturopath and the founder and CEO of Life Choice Ltd, along with Canadian actor and natural health advocate Nick Mancuso have been expressing for years that the system is broken; both men believe that the system is beyond repair and in fact needs a complete overhaul.
For years Dr. Dahl has stated that drug companies are more interested in profit than public health. He understands that because of the powerful drug lobby in Ottawa [and Washington] that any action to change the current status quo will be meet with heavy resistance.
Yet in light of this resistance, Dr. Dahl believes that a complete overhaul is necessary if the system is to flourish. According to Dahl, "a good beginning would be to allow for nutraceuticals to compete directly with allopathic (modern) medicines across the entire health system; doctor's offices, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.This inclusiveness, would not only give patients and health professionals a wider range of product from which to choose, but it would also drive down the costs of remedies because of the additional competition." He then added, "because of the recent changes to the Canadian Food and Drug Act there is no difference between nutraceuticals and allopathic medicines. Both products need: government approval; clinical testing; warning labels; a listing of ingredients; a label indicating daily recommended dosage;  and an identification number."
As mentioned earlier Dr. Dahl is under no illusion that to change the system  - to make it more efficient - is going to be difficult. He understands that the pharmaceutical industry will do everything in it's power to retain the status quo. Yet for Dahl investing the time and energy to make the public health system a better and more accountable system is worth the time and effort.

According to Dahl, "Ebola has revealed the weaknesses in the system. Now is the time to act."


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