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Nutraceuticals: Quality Supplementation: Why It Is Necessary In Today's Toxic World

Nutraceuticals: Quality Supplementation"
Why It Is Necessary In Today's Toxic World

"Toxins In The Food Chain"

(Calgary, AB) The series of questions that individuals ask more often is "are supplements necessary? Do we not get all of the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat? And if we eat a regular, balanced diet is that not enough to keep our body healthy and fit?
If you were to ask those questions prior to the turn of the 20th century or even into the first quarter of the 20th century the answer would of been yes. But today, given the fact that we do not have pure food anymore the answer is no!

Today, the state of our oceans are in terrible shape. The fish that we catch have high levels of poisons and toxins.

On the land, farmer's use GMO seeds; cross contamination can go on for miles.

In the soil, chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are used on a regular basis. These chemicals go into the root of the plant and eventually become part of the plant themselves.This is very concerning when we talk about rice, corn, soybeans and other food staples that are consumed around the world in large quantities.

Cattle, chicken and pigs from birth are injected with steroids and antibiotics to allow for quicker growth; to get them to market earlier. These chemicals do not break down and end up entering our bodies only to accumulate as toxins within our own system.
Interestingly, this is why so many people today think that are allergic to gluten and why Crohnes and Celiac disease is so abundant. They are not allergic to gluten they are allergic to toxins - we do not have pure food any longer.

In a perfect world the oceans would be clean and free of pollutions and toxins. On land, food would be grown in rural areas where GMO seeds and cross contaimination is non existent, and the soil would be rotated and mixed with a natural base fertilizer to ensure the proper nitrogen and nutrient mix. The seeds would be heirloom organic.

In a perfect world bovine would graze on uncontaminated fields and be feed organically without hormones or antibiotics. Chickens would be allowed to be "free range" and feed on natural grains free of man made produced chemicals.

However, when it comes to the food we eat we no longer live in a perfect world and its seems that every year that goes by the distance of the two becomes greater.

That is why in todays toxic world quality supplementation is not only necessary but critical to a healthy life.


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