Thursday, November 20, 2014

Newsletter 8.8: Girl With Cancer Allowed Alternative Treatement

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Girl with Cancer Allowed Alternative Treatment
A recent Canadian news report covered the story of an 11-year-old Aboriginal girl. She was diagnosed with cancer, and had been receiving chemotherapy treatments at the McMaster Children's Hospital in Ontario. However, in mid-September, her mother pulled her from the hospital and took the girl to Florida to use alternative medicine instead. In retaliation, the hospital requested the Brant Family and Children's Services (BFCS) to get involved and ensure that the girl would be brought back in for the chemo treatments. The agency refused to get involved, which brought about a legal case. On November 14, the courts ruled in favour of the family, and the decision is being hailed as a milestone victory for Aboriginal rights.

This victory is a great thing for First Nations people--in fact, the right to choose one's own mode of medical treatment should be a right shared by everyone. If government agencies trust parents to do what is best for their children in other areas of life, why the reluctance in the crucial area of healthcare?

In this story, the girl's mother was on target. Studies have shown that things like diet, supplements, and lifestyle are major determining factors in most cancers. Probiotics like Laktokhan, chelation protocols like CLAW-OCHMB and Opti-Cal/Mag Complex, and specialized supplements like Neurotransmitter Support can go a long way in preventing and mitigating the ravaging effects of cancer and other diseases.
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