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Newsletter 8.6: The Importance Of Fermentation

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The Importance of Fermentation
PredigestedProduced with chemical solvents
Free FormEnd product purged with chemical residues
Produced with 30 enzymes the body recognizes (bioavailable)Not bioavailable

Recently, we asked the manager of a national chain store about the source of their store's L-Carnitine: is it fermented?

The manager responded that yes, all their Carnitine is fermented. However, as Life Choice knows, there is only one form of L-Carnitine in the world that is produced by fermentation. Carnipure™ is a trademark of Lonza Ltd. Lonza manufacturers a synthetically produced Carnitine, as well as an exclusive fermented version manufactured and reserved for the EU pharmaceutical industry. This fermented raw material is called Carnipure TM L-Carnitine tartrate (fermented) pharma, and this is the material Life Choice will be using for all Carnitine products in the immediate future.

According to Lonza, no other supplement suppliers are selling into Canada or have indicated plans to use Lonza's Carnipure tartrate produced via fermentation at this time, giving Life Choice the exclusive opportunity of selling the only fermented brand of L-Carnitine.

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Why is this so important?

Unbound or free form amino acids can access the general circulation within 15 minutes. Fermentation Method is a natural production - similar to the method used in producing yogurt, beer, vinegar, miso (bean paste), soy sauce, etc.
Enzymes play an important role. Enzymes, which are proteins to catalyze a chemical reaction in the living body, are indispensable to degrade and synthesize substances. Consecutive reactions by up to 30 kinds of enzymes are involved in the process of fermentation, and various amino acids are produced as a result of these reactions.

The amino acid fermentation method is a method for the production of amino acids utilizing the phenomenon that microorganisms convert nutrients to various vital components necessary to themselves. AAs which are manufactured by fermentation, such as ones produced from Life Choice, start with nutrients (starches, cane sugars) which are converted to target amino acids by the use of microorganisms and enzymes. Instead of breaking a protein into AA pieces and trying to clean it up with solvents and chemicals, fermentation methods use optimized metabolic pathways and specialized complex enzymes in order to “build” the target AA. It is the same natural way our own bodies make many amino acids.

Life Choice uses the highest quality raw materials for the best possible results. As always, quality counts.
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