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Name Brands vs. Generic Brands: What Is The Difference?

Name Brands vs. Generic Brands:
What's The Difference?
(Calgary, AB) When it comes to you and your families health, do you really know what you are buying when it comes to health products? Do you really know what is in that capsule or pill?
In Canada, it is the responsibility of Health Canada (HC) to ensure that nutraceutical manufacturers and drug manufacturers follow strict guidelines listing the ingredients of each pill or capsule that is in the bottle or package. In the United States this responsibility falls to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Recently, a friend of Life Choice was in a major box store when she picked up one of the store's coupon/brochure booklet. Thumbing through the booklet she noticed an article/advertisement that provided the customer with information on "the differences between generic drugs and brand name drugs".
In essence, the article/advertisement when on to say that there was no real difference between brand name drugs and generic drugs. it noted that brand name drugs were necessary in order for the original patent owner to recoup their original investment; In terms of medicinal content the article/advertisement said "the quality of both products were identical".
However, if you continued to read the article/advertisement, it also said that the generic brand had "dyes, fillers and preservatives" that were not found in the brand name product. The article/advertisement seemed to "gloss over" this piece of information as if it were a "non issue".

 At Life Choice We Understand!
A message from Life Choice founder and CEO Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND

When asked to comment about this article/advertisement, Life Choice's Dr. Eldon Dahl said..

I find it interesting to see how they [article/advertisement] don’t see any problem with excipients, such as dyes, fillers and preservatives. I am not an advocate for brand name or generic drugs for that matter, but if these are some of the factors that separate them I think it is an important issue to discuss.

This is how they [drug industry] sell the idea; cheaper pricing, but what is the raw material sourcing quality, they don’t say anything about this, is it USP pharmaceutical grade or Chinese material?
In comparison, brand name drugs are probably better prepared and more effective due to the ingredients used - in a straight comparison, not discussing the side effects and the likes of pharmaceutical drugs.
Directed brands are cheaper albeit but what about the quality, what about the fillers and excipients, what about real results? The drug industry spins the consumer into believing all things are equal and the drug store vitamin brands spin the same yarn to unknowing consumers.

The same hold true to supplements, drug store brands and many big box brands simply cannot compare to true Nutricutical natural medicine, the differences are the sourcing and the non-medicinal ingredients and additives, and the looming question if the raw material are derived from GMO plants, if they are synthetic and or irradiated.

When it comes to quality there is always a difference, and if it  is not included at the beginning stages it will never appear in the final stage, quality all the way through or why even start. 


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