Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Viruses And Bacteria: The Drug Cupboard Is Bare: Drug Resistant Micro Organisms On The Rise

Viruses And Bacteria: The Drug Cupboard Is Bare:
Drug Resistant Micro Organisms On The Rise!

(Calgary, AB) As the World Health Organisation [WHO] struggles to contain the Ebola epidemic that is currently sweeping across Western Africa and which is slowly finding its way to  Europe and North America; the world waits impatiently for the development of a vaccine that will stop the virus and cure those who are infected.

Experimental vaccines are being fast tracked by national governments in the hope that a cure is soon discovered. Within this climate of concern, it was the WHO who recently issued a warning that "Ebola Is The Most Severe Acute Health Emergency In Modern Times."

The question remains, "is what we are experiencing today involving Ebola only an isolated incident or is it a trend of something more serious when it comes to micro organisms involving bacteria and viruses?"

According to an opinion editorial that appeared in the Globe and Mail titled "We Will Pay For Antibiotic Abuse", the author of the article suggest that medical science has indeed reached its limits in respect to manufacturing antibiotics for various types of bacteria and other types of infections.
According to the article "we’re racing back to the preantibiotic age because microbes from the Mycobacterium tuberculosis through to Staphylococcus aureus, are developing resistance to the drugs.."
When the author of the article pressed England's chief medical officer on the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance to drugs her response to him was ..."we always had a technological solution: Newer, stronger antibiotics. But the last new class was developed in 1987. We’ve always been able to open the cupboard and take out new antibiotics. Today, the cupboard is bare,"

At Life Choice We Understand!

At Life Choice we understand the global implications of what is currently transpiring.  We also understand  the concerns of individuals when it comes to bacterial and viral infections. 

Finally, we also understand  the  limitations of allopathic medicines and the importance of individuals being proactive and taking the necessary steps to keep their own immune system strong and healthy the natural way!

(Read Newsletter)  Health Threats Abound

A Message From Life Choice Founder And CEO Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND.

As a society we have disregarded prevention and instead lived life without the proper respect of the environment we live in. We were meant to adapt to what nature throws our way, it throws and our impeccable immune system creates the needed antibodies and by doing so we become stronger as a people. But when we live dangerously introducing mediums not naturally occurring such as GMO's and circumvent living though and building our immune system we instead try to cheat the process relying on medical science with vaccines and antibiotics, not only for treating viruses, bacteria and the spreading of disease but they are injected into our food supply in order to kill the pathogens. This creates a very big problem for this added measure compounds our already accumulative reserve further lowing our immunity and rendering us  antibiotic resistant leaving us vulnerable to the time they are actually needed.   

kids know better, if you cheat you get caught, perhaps this is what is happening today we have been weighted in the balance and we got caught.

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