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Newsletter 8.3: Exciting Study: Arginine

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Of Life Choice products, Vanadyl Sulfate is perhaps best known for being useful for diabetes. However, did you know that Arginine can be helpful, too?

In 2006, the American Journal of Physiology published a study on the effects of L-Arginine supplementation on obese, insulin-resistant Type 2 Diabetes patients. Thirty three patients participated in a hypocaloric diet and exercise program for 21 days. The patients were then split into two groups, and one group also took L-Arginine, while the other took placebos. At the end of the study, scientists found that those supplementing with L-Arginine had better results in the areas of glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, endothelial function, oxidative stress, and adipokine release than those who did not take Arginine.

Another study published in Amino Acids examined the effects of Arginine on male mice. After 2 weeks on regular food, mice were put on a low protein diet supplemented with either L-Arginine or a mixture of amino acids. The mice supplemented with L-Arginine had a reduced percentage of fat (white adipose tissue), although the mice ate more. Arginine also affected glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, and raised energy expenditure.

Prevent Disease also recently noted a study published in the American scientific journal Endocrinology. In that study, researchers again found that Arginine improves glucose metabolism in both lean and obese animals. They also noted that Arginine increases the body's production of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), which is an intestinal hormone regulating appetite and glucose metabolism. It is often found in drugs for Type 2 Diabetes.

Life Choice L-Arginine is free form, fermented, and non-GMO.
Cheaper versions of amino acids are derived from non-vegetarian sources starting as a protein, and often from sources such as bird feathers, human hair and/or sewage sludge. The inorganic proteins are cleaved into component Amino Acids, which must them be purified or cleaned up to isolate the individual AAs of interest. The purity of the finished product is highly dependent on the efficacy of the purification steps taken.

AAs which are manufactured by fermentation, such as ones produced from Life Choice, start with nutrients (starches, cane sugars) which are converted to target amino acids by the use of microorganisms and enzymes. Instead of breaking a protein into AA pieces and trying to clean it up with solvents and chemicals, fermentation methods use optimized metabolic pathways and specialized complex enzymes in order to “build” the target AA. It is the same natural way our own bodies make many amino acids, which makes the finished product pure and readily bioavailable.

When it comes to health, don't gamble on unknown products. Count on Life Choice for professional, therapeutic results.

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