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Newsletter 8.2: Colloidal Silver and Ebola

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Colloidal Silver and Ebola
With the passing of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the US, Ebola tensions are mounting even further. Stock market confidence in experimental Ebola medications is waning, and many Americans have indicated that they would like to see flights from Ebola-infected countries banned altogether.

The Natural Solutions Foundation website has recently looked into the implications of nano silver, or Colloidal Silver, in treating Ebola. All products called ionic silver, colloidal silver, nano silver, hydrosol, or mild silver protein, are just various forms of "ionic silver" products, because all of them function by providing a delivery mechanism to release silver ions in the body.

Dr. Rima Laibow, the medical director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, found some interesting information on Colloidal Silver, summarized in the chart below (click to enlarge):

Perhaps most interesting is the e-mail text in the centre of the chart, which indicates that the positive claims of Colloidal Silver against Ebola could also be corroborated in a 2009 Air Force lab research project.

If this is true, it becomes all the more intriguing to read the Natural News report that WHO recently blocked small shipments of 10 ppm nano silver from entering Ebola-infested West Africa.

The true healing potential of Colloidal Silver is generally unexplored, but Life Choices hopes to change that with our Colloidal Silver Homeopathic.

The beauty of taking homeopathic delivery, in this case with 20 ppm colloidal silver, is when the extracted essence, (20 ppm) is mixed with oscillating energy through hand mixing, creating a vibration frequency to the potentized (8X) strength in a safe homeopathic solution.

The suspended silver mimics and works with our own immune system when delivered. The homeopathic dilution does not detect the amount of silver in the remedy since the particles are too microscopic with less than 100 nm, yet it does resemble its cell structure in minute measurements.

This mysterious transfer of energy baffles the logical mind since the value is undetermined - yet homeopathic remedies work time after time. Homeopathic solutions are very powerful remedies, working with our own oscillating energy frequencies: they are known as the gentle giants.

Our colloidal silver will set your mind at ease and will never cause heavy metal accumulation associated with non-homeopathic solutions, and the results will positively be effective and observed. Noticeable changes will be seen after use. The best results are seen with children and pets: they simply get better and carry on, whereas adults tend to question how they are improving.

The pharmaceutical approach bypasses our finely tuned detection with a sledgehammer approach. We have long forgotten the importance of listening to the body and supplying its needs with a natural solution.
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