Friday, October 17, 2014

Ebola: The WHO And The CDC Admit To Errors. Texas Hospital Also Admits To Protocol Errors

Ebola: As The Virus Spreads The WHO and The CDC Admit To Errors; Texas Hospital Also Admits Protocol Errors

(Calgary, AB) The current Ebola crisis started in Africa in March 2014. Its exact origin is believed to be from Guinea in Western Africa. Today, the virus has spread to various countries in Europe and to the United States.

Today, many people have begun to criticize the many different institutions and organisations whose mandate was to deal with the outbreak.

Recently, The World Health Organisation [WHO} has admitted that they were too confident in the health systems of many of those countries who were affected; they were overly confident in the ability of those systems to contain the virus from spreading to adjacent regions.

In the United States, health officials from the Center for Disease Control [CDC] initially reassured the American public that if the virus reached the United States that they would have no difficulty containing it; they reassured the public that proper safety measures were in place to handle the virus if and when it arrived.

Recently [and unfortunately] it was the head of the CDC who went before the U.S. Congress apologizing for the way that the Center [improperly] handled the first reported In addition, the Texas hospital that handled the first [U.S.] patient also issued an apology statement saying "we made mistakes."


At Life Choice we Understand!

At Life Choice we understand that this is a very complicated problem with no easy solutions. We know that health authorities are doing their best to stop the spread of the virus. We know that companies are feverishly working on experimental vaccines to find a cure. We know that national governments are fast tracking potential cures in the hopes that they reach affected area's quickly.

As professionals seek solutions, the one question that individuals should ask themselves is "what can I do to protect myself?"

At Life Choice we believe that the answer to this question is two fold . First, we believe that it is important that individuals draw a clear distinction between fear and reality; the odds of getting the virus are very low. Yet, if you do get the virus there is a 60-70% change that you will die - there is no cure!

Second, individuals must realize that the burden of protecting and improving their health is ultimately their responsibility. Given the current climate of uncertainty - bacteria and viruses - a strong a healthy immune system should be a definite priority.

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