Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Properly Prescribed Prescription Drugs Is The 3rd Leading Cause Of Death In North America, Surpassing Traffic Accidents: What's The Alternative? (Part 2 of 2)

Properly Prescribed Prescription Drugs Is The 3rd Leading Cause Of Death In North America Surpassing Traffic Accidents: What's The Alternative? (Part 2 of 2)
(Click here for part 1) "The Healthy Alternative To Prescription Drugs": "CDC Report: Drug Poisoning In The United States" "Prescription Drug Deaths Exceed Automobile Fatalities"
(Calgary, AB) On September 12, 2014 The Toronto Star published an article titled "Canadians Kept In Dark About Defective Drugs"

The article begins by suggesting that "North American patients have been put at risk by prescription drugs that Canadian pharmaceutical companies sold with knowledge that their products were defective, a Star investigation has found.
Using records obtained through U.S. freedom of information laws, the Star also found other Canadian companies have:
- Hidden, altered and in some cases destroyed test data that showed their products were tainted or potentially unsafe.

- Not reported evidence of side-effects suffered by consumers taking their drugs

Canadian actor Nick Mancuso comments on the Toronto Star's article "Canadians Kept In Dark About Defective Drugs"

Nick Mancuso  

If this isn't clear evidence of collusionary criminality on the part of a Health Canada and the Canadian Govt. I don't know what took an American watchdog agency to ferret out the truth. How utterly and sickeningly shameful.

This has to go to parliament and the behavior of Health Canada be brought out into the light of public awareness, once and for all. I believe this should be a serious issue in the next federal elections and the Harper administration and the beaurocracy and Madame Rona Ambrose be held accountable.

Along with assaults on the naturopathic industries of Canada and on healers and natural, healthy alternatives to the drug crap that is being foisted on Unwitting and unknowing Canadian patients, this really is the last straw.

In the last few years and since the implementation of the Uplar, Canada has dropped from number 12 to 13 on the world health index.

Can we get to Justin Trudeau and ask that this issue, be put on his platform?

Clearly this policy has killed and is killing Canadians and must be addressed. As someone who had to endure a heart attack and heart damage due to diabetic glyburides, which should have been taken off the market, and a seizure due to bring misprescribed Neurontin, for diabetic neuropathy, and being made deathly ill by Larium, as a prophylactic anti-malarial, and being kept alive through orthomolecular and naturopathic means, thanks to you and your work, I am furious.

This adds constant insult to constant Canadian injury and it must be stooped and the people responsible be held accountable and criminally liable.

Last year the Star published a series of articles about how Health Canada, would not publish or reveal incredibly relevant information on the health impact of ADD and ADHD drugs on children aged 7 to 12, causing heart attacks and suicide.

Are we supposed to just lie down and die, so that Big Pharma can continue to make huge profits and allow this criminal Agency to rule over the lives of people and continue to get away with this sickening scenario?

It's time for a change.


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