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Nutraceuticals: Pricing And Quality: Fermented Amino Acids vs. Synthetic Amino Acids

Nutraceuticals: Pricing And Quality:
Fermented Amino Acids vs. Synthetic Amino Acids
(Calgary, AB) On September 10, 2014 Life Choice Ltd, the manufacturer of the Life Choice and Doctor's Choice brand of nutracetucials announced that the company was forced to increase the price of their L-amino acids by 10% as of August 1, 2014. The reason according to Life Choice's founder and CEO Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND "was to stave off margin deterioration and ensure long-term availability of the ingredients."
In an open letter sent to the company's customers and retailers (see below) the company went out of its way to emphasize that this price increase "only concerned products using fermented amino acids." When asked to comment Dr. Dahl said "It's very important that one distinguish the difference between fermented amino acids which we use in our formulations and synthetic amino acids that are produced in China...which we refuse to use and which is actually declining in price."
According to Dahl, "It's always difficult informing your customers of a pending price increase. Yes, it would of been very easy for us to switch over to a synthetic amino acid produced in China and to take advantage of the declining purchase price in that area of the market. In fact, if we made the switch then our profit margins in respect to that particular product line would of actually increased.
For us, it was never a question of 'do we switch to a cheaper raw material to increase our profit margins or do we stay true to our values' and insist on using only the best raw materials in our formulations." 

Open Letter Sent To Retailers

September 10, 2014

Important Information to our retailers:

This only concerns products using our fermented amino acids, and why our amino acids are priced more expensively when compared to synthetic amino acids produced in China.
Our free form, non-GMO  L-amino acids are produced by fermentation.The raw materials include a carbon source (usually glucose from sugar beets or corn); bacteria is allowed to ferment  using up to 30 enzymes for the final downstream process for much greater potency and absorption than the 8 enzymes used in synthetic material.

Increasing demand for amino acids has also played a part, and our long reputation for supplying high quality therapeutic product.

We had to increase prices of L-amino acids by ten per cent as of August 1, 2014 in an effort to stave off margin deterioration and ensure long-term availability of the ingredients.

In general, however, fermented amino acids prices are going in the opposite direction to those of Chinese competition, as much as 10 to 30 percent higher.

L-Arginine and L-Lysine will now be made available in 1,000 mg “000” vegetarian capsules with no fillers or binders; “000” vegetarian capsules are rarely used in the Nutriceutical industry, and because of this, they are priced 300% higher than “00” vegetarian capsules.

Concerning L-Carnitine, we have switched our suppliers and will be using exclusively Carnipure from Lonza in all our formulations using L-Carnitine. Carnipure has the science we require in order to maintain our products’ therapeutic value.  

Thank you for your understanding and dedicated loyalty,

Dr. Eldon Dahl,
Life Choice Ltd.



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