Thursday, August 28, 2014

Leslie McMichael (PhD) Appointed New Sales And Marketing Manager For Life Choice Ltd.

Leslie McMichael (PhD) Appointed New Sales And
Marketing Manager For Life Choice Ltd.

(Calgary, AB) Dr. Eldon Dahl, the owner and founder and CEO of Life Choice Ltd is pleased to announce that Leslie McMichael, a former stunt woman with a PhD in Media Psychology, is now the new Sales & Marketing Manager for the company.
Early in her career path, Leslie put her graduate education on hold with the University of Calgary during her MSc (1996) to pursue a career in stunt work for the film and television industry in Vancouver. It proved to be an immensely exciting and rewarding 12 years.

After starting a family, Leslie decided to return to graduate school to finish what she had started, choosing the field of Media Psychology. Media Psychology seemed to be a perfect fit as it combined her undergrad in psychology with her film industry career experience, resulting in a fruitful journey into this dynamic field. 
McMichael’s dissertation was entitled “The Effects of Concussions in Stunt Performers”. Leslie studied 101 stunt performers and found empirical evidence of decreased cognitive functioning as well as poor quality-of-life due to repeated concussions. Her suspicions about the well-being of some stunt performers were correct. Leslie was able to present her findings at a Vancouver stunt community meeting to help create awareness and educate the performers. 
Following graduation, Dr. McMichael published two children’s books about the over-use of media and advocated to entice film production companies to film their projects in Alberta. Dr. McMichael then took a position as a General Manager with GoodLife Fitness due to her passion for health and fitness.

However, Dr. McMichael was intrigued when the position for Life Choice became available. When asked why Life Choice? She replied, "Their philosophy, 'to heal the nation, one person at a time', was exactly what I was looking for; to be a part of a company that really makes a difference in people’s lives."   
Leslie lives in Cochrane, Alberta with her husband Steve and three beautiful children.


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