Saturday, July 5, 2014

Study: Melatonin Supplements Could Prevent Osteoarthritis

Study: Melatonin Supplements
Could Prevent Osteoarthritis

(Calgary, AB) A recent article published in Newsweek Magazine on July 3, 2014 titled "Melatonin Supplements Could Prevent Osteoarthritis" provides yet another reason why this natural supplement should be considered by those who wish to improve their health.

Up to this point melatonin supplements are normally taken by individuals who are having difficulty sleeping. However, as this article suggest, new research indicates that this supplement may also help increase bone density, flexibility and strength. 

 The article written by  suggest that taking melatonin supplements "could prevent or even reverse osteoporosisThe author cited a research study from McGill University in Montreal "that found when old rates were given melatonin supplements to regulate circadian rhythm their   bones became denser and more flexible."

At Life Choice We Understand! 

A Comment By Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND; Owner, Founder And The C.E.O. Of Life Choice.

Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND
When asked to comment on this article Dr.Eldon Dahl, ND said... "A few miracle products are on the open market one is SAMe and the other Melatonin (see Life Choice Melatonin). Melatonin even at the sales volumes listed in this article are minuscule to what they would be if the people truly understood what melatonin delivers; but in saying this all melatonin’s are not created equally!

Avoid so called natural, animal, bovine sourced grade melatonin, they contain extracts from animal pineal gland, and because it comes from untested animal tissue it may be laced with viruses or inorganic proteins that could cause serious side effects.The most readily absorbable form of melatonin is produced synthetically known as medicinal grade DMF melatonin; this form is molecular identical to the melatonin that we produce in our own bodies, and without side effects.

In years to come melatonin will be known for treating concussions, cancer, anti-aging, at 1 mg per day, depression, mental disorders and birth defects such as pre-eclampsia, these conditions are currently in clinical trials and the early results are very encouraging."


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