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Newsletter 7.1: Heavy Metal Toxicity is Associated with Sickness and Disease – Chelation Therapy and Proper Mineralization Can Make a World of a Difference!

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Multiminerals and Chelation

Chelation therapy can be useful for multiple symptoms, including heavy metal toxicity, cardiovascular disease, and gangrene.

However, chelation needs to be accompanied with a multimineral. Otherwise, the chelation process will flush not only the heavy metals, but also the multiminerals from the body. This can bring about symptoms such as joint pain, a metallic taste in the mouth, tooth sensitivity (especially with fillings), muscle spasms, and twitching of the lip.

Our Opti-Cal/Mag is formulated to be a complete, high-quality multimineral. Opti-Cal/Mag with Vitamin K2 is a co-enzyme complex. Heat-stabled molecules must be associated with another enzyme for them to perform their function in the body. It is necessary in the utilization of vitamins and minerals for proper delivery to the cell nucleus.

One study found that the orotate minerals (calcium and magnesium) used in Opti-Cal/Mag complex are 8.79 times more absorbed into the blood than calcium and magnesium carbonate and 2.97 times more than calcium and magnesium gluconate. Another interesting study found that calcium from bone meal/powder is absorbed 1.13 times more than calcium carbonate, the variety found in most supplements.

Clinical reports consistently confirm that dietary/food calcium in its more absorbable form benefits in the management of lowering blood levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. Other health concerns from calcium deficiencies can contribute to muscle cramps, insomnia, mood/behavioral/nerve problems, hypertension, growth problems, kidney stones, and colon cancer. More recent research indicates that calcium also plays a role in preventing cancer by detoxifying potentially cancer-causing compounds in the bowel.

If you are using CLAW to chelate, our Opti-Cal/Mag with K2 will ensure that as the toxins are flushed out, your body will also be replenished with the best minerals science can offer. Our recommendation for use with a chelation program would be 4 capsules per day.
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