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Newsletter 6.8: Gay Community; AIDs/HIV and PrEP

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PrEP or Prevent?

Recently, the World Health Organization, along with other governing bodies, has been pressing the gay community to undergo a preventative treatment program for AIDS.

Under this method, healthy gay men are "strongly encouraged" to take a daily dose of pre-exposure prophylaxisa, or PrEP for short. PrEP would be a daily prescription taken by healthy people solely for prevention. Participants would have to take the pill every day, or else "risk" not having enough of the drug in their systems to fight off the AIDS virus. Scientists do not yet know how long one must be on PrEP before it becomes effective in the body.

Essentially, this is the same frame of mind that brought about Gardasil for healthy boys and girls, and also the H1N1 flu vaccine that caused hundreds of children worldwide to develop narcolepsy.

Knowing the side effects that are possible with pharmaceutical drugs, does the benefit really outweigh the risk?

Natural alternatives are a safer way to build the immune system every day.

Instead of becoming a slave to prescriptions, try the Life Choice Preventative AIDS Protocol instead!
  • For Increased T-Cell Count: Thymus Gland, 3 per day
  • For Immunity: L-Lysine 1,000 mg 6 per day
  • For Healthy Gut Immunity: Laktokhan 2 per day
  • For Prostate Health: Healing Male 3 per day
  • For Anti-Aging, Increased Immunity, and Sleep: Melatonin 9 mg’s per day
  • For Liver Detox, Pain Control, and Mood Balance: SAMe 80 drops per day--Animal studies have shown that SAMe may also stop or slow the growth of cancer cells and blood vessels that feed tumors
  • For Bone/Joint Health, Tooth Sensitivity, and Remineralization of Trace Minerals: Opti Cal/Mag with K2 4 per day
  • For Healthy Sex Organs: Zinc Picolinate & Fiery Male (aphrodesiac, increased libido and testosterone)

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