Thursday, July 31, 2014

Natural Medicine Or Synthetic Medicine: Perhaps We Need A New Mindset?

Natural Medicine Or Synthetic Medicine: 
Perhaps We Need A New Mindset?

(Calgary, AB) On July 22, 2014 in, Dr. Eldon ND, the founder and CEO of Life Choice and Doctor's Choice wrote an article titled "Natural Medicine Or Synthetic Medicine: Perhaps We Need A New Mindset?

In that article, Dr. Dahl compared natural medicines to synthetic drugs. Specifically, he focused upon 3 different areas; pain management, sleep disorders and anxiety related health issues.

His overall message was that our society has become too dependent upon prescription painkillers, sedatives and other types of prescription medications. A dependency, which seems to ignore the health risk associated with the drug(s).

His solution to the problem is simple and straight forward; replace the current protocol with natural medicines. However, implementing this change is not as simple as we would like to believe. According to Dr. Dahl, "it would involve a very substantial change in the way that individuals and society view the treatment of health related issues - a different mindset if you like."

However, as the article suggests,  Dr. Dahl is very confident that once individuals witness first hand the healing powers of natural medicines [without the additional burden(s) of dependency issues or negative side effects], that their eyes will indeed open to a new reality, one that treats their health with real respect and real dignity.


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