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Newsletter 6.5: Benefits of Detoxing with EDTA

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All About EDTA

Mercury, lead, and other heavy metals are often called cumulative poisons because in normal circumstances, they come out of the body more slowly than they are absorbed from the environment. The older one is, the more heavy metals are accumulated.

The first step in removing heavy metals is called mineral antagonism. In this process, the body is flooded with nutritional minerals like zinc, selenium and magnesium that compete for the same deposit sites and dislodge the heavy metals.

The problem with mineral antagonism alone is that it only dislodges heavy metals, which means they will become lodged elsewhere. You may take selenium and dislodge some mercury stored in your brain, but this mercury then circulates through the blood and becomes deposited in your liver. In this constant recirculation, only a tiny trickle of that mercury will actually leave the body. To solve this re-depositing problem, you need to take a chelating agent such as EDTA. EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is an amino acid compound, and a powerful chelating agent - meaning it attaches to plaque buildup and heavy metals and removes them naturally from the body. EDTA forms six bonds to heavy metals - two from nitrogen atoms in amino groups and four from oxygen atoms in carboxyl groups. EDTA will chemically bind with the heavy metal, keep it in circulation, and prevent it from being re-deposited. Once bound to the chelating agent, the kidneys are able to excrete the mercury out of the body. Life Choice CLAW-OCHMB uses EDTA, along with other chelators that enhance EDTA's effectiveness.

Industrial Grade EDTA is used in batteries and for other practical purposes. Food Grade EDTA is used to protect us to some degree from harmful metals that find their way into the foods we eat. The sodium and calcium salts of EDTA are common sequestrants in many kinds of foods and beverages.

Pharmaceutical Grade EDTA is used in the best chelation products for its primary function, that of removing unwanted metals (in particular Calcium, Mercury, Lead, Cadmium & Arsenic) from the body's organs and cardiovascular system. Normally high dosage levels of EDTA are not recommended for oral applications since less than 5% of EDTA is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, but in low dosage oral forms help release lodged toxic metals, such as lead, and mercury.

Benefits of detoxing with EDTA may include:
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better GABA balance in the brain--leading to lessened depression/anxiety and better mental clarity
  • Fighting free radicals (protecting cell membranes, DNA, enzyme systems, and lipoproteins)
  • Resuscitated mitochondria (the loss of mitochondrial function is thought to be one of the key elements of aging)
  • Better longevity and success rate than bypass surgery 
Try Life Choice CLAW-OCHMB to utilize all the benefits EDTA has to offer!
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