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Chelation for Detoxing Lead and Mercury

Chelation for Detoxing Lead and Mercury


Dr. Eldon Dahl, ND

Dr. Eldon Dahl is a trained naturopath and the owner and founder of Life Choice; a natural health  manufactures that formulates professional therapeutic medicine  He was the catalyst behind Life Choice's ability to introduce CLAW OCBHM into the marketplace. He is also the author of a recent newsletter article titled What Is Your Health Worth?
(Calgary, ABOur bodies are constantly exposed to an onslaught of environmental toxins. Lead and mercury are two heavy metals that seem to have found their way into almost everyone. Lead and mercury do not occur naturally in the body and as such are very toxic. These two heavy metals are known to interfere with how nerves communicate.

Mercury is considered to be the second most toxic substance on the planet (uranium is #1), and the negative effects of mercury exposure are well documented.

How Did I Get Heavy Metals (Mercury and Lead) in My Body?
There are several possible ways heavy metals got into your body. Below, each of the more common exposures will be discussed. Remember there are no safe levels for heavy metals. Chelation of toxic heavy metals is well documented in scientific literature. There are several chelation agents that have been proven to be safe and effective.

There are 4 main sources of mercury poisoning:

1.       In Vitro, passed from mother to baby

2.       Vaccinations

3.       Dental Amalgams or “Silver Fillings”

4.       Contraception Pills and Contact Lens Solution

     1.     In Vitro

A mother with mercury in her body will pass it into her baby. The level of mercury in the tissue of the fetus, newborn, and young children is directly proportional to the number of silver fillings in the mother’s mouth.

2.     Vaccinations
Vaccinations are the #1 mercury exposure in infants, and the #2 exposure in adults.

·         25% of vaccines today still contain mercury.

·         Flu shots still contain mercury.

·         When mercury is removed from flu shots, it is replaced with other heavy metals such as aluminum and formaldehyde.
Mercury is used as a preservative in vaccinations. Vaccinations are currently a hot topic of debate, with some parents linking autism to vaccinations. Flu shots contain mercury also, as a preservative. According to the EPA, the average child can tolerate 0.3 micrograms of mercury. Note that a 2 month old infant receiving all 4 scheduled vaccinations (DtaP, Polio, Hib, Hepatitis B) will have a mercury levels of 62.5 micrograms, 125 times higher than the EPA “safe” level.

   3.     Dental Amalgams or “Silver Fillings”

Amalgam fillings leech methyl-mercury into your body. Methyl-mercury is particularly dangerous, as it’s attracted to tissues and organs and can actually cross the blood-brain barrier and get into your brain.

Fact: Most major countries other than the U.S. have extensive bans and health warnings regarding the use of amalgam fillings. This includes Austria, Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Fact:In 1988, scrap amalgam material was declared a hazardous waste by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). OSHA has certain mandates present to handle amalgam fillings before going into and out of your mouth.

The OSHA guidelines include:

·         Scrap amalgam must be stored in an unbreakable, tight sealed container away from heat.

·         Use a “no-touch” technique for handling the amalgam

·         Store under liquid, preferably glycerin or photographic fixer solution

Activities such as brushing your teeth and drinking hot liquids can increase your exposure to methyl-mercury (mercury vapor) from 10 to 100 times. What about fish? There is inorganic mercury in fish but the amount that actually ends up in the human body from fish consumption is very low and has been blown out of proportion by the media.

4.     Contraception Pills and Contact Lens Solution

Mercury used to be used in both of these products. It has since been discontinued. Using these products in the 1980’s would have exposed you to mercury, which in turn would be passed from mother to child.


Lead is one of the most prominent metals you will see on any tests.
Our parents were part of the lead generation; it takes 4 generations to eliminate their exposures.

Sources include leaded paint, leaded gasoline, painted dishes, toys from China, candy from Mexico, children’s jewelry, and canned foods, to name just a few.
The point is, if it’s in your body, you need to get it out.

Chelation is able to effectively remove lead from the human body. Lead is particularly toxic to children, leading to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Hyperactive Disorders. Their growing nervous system is negatively impacted by chronic and acute lead exposure.

Chelation has been shown to be safe for use in children. The 24 hour urine challenge should be done before and after a chelation program. During the Urine Challenge, chelation is used as the prevoking agent to measure the level of lead in the body.


The basic mechanism is that the chelatory agent has receptor sites that the heavy metals bind to.
Drip Chelation done in hospitals is normally done on and off again cycles.Ideally, 3 days on and 11 days off.

The reason is that the body needs 11 days to regenerate its glutathione levels. Three days on and 11 days off is the fastest and safest way to use chelationdrip therapy to chelate heavy metals.
CLAW-OCHMB preserves the glutathione with supporting ingredients that keep the body’s natural production, another benefit for taking oral chelation with CLAW-OCHMB.


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