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Newsletter 5.9: What Are The Guidelines Required For A Professional Natural Medicine?

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(Issued May 14, 2014)

On Wednesday, May 14, we began sending this notice to our customers, but we are repeating a shortened version here to ensure the word gets out:

It took 2 years for Life Choice to get a NPN for Thyroid Gland, and we have promoted and sold the newly licensed product for the past 8 months. We followed all the licensing regulations to the letter.

However, on May 9, 2014, Health Canada notified us that this NHPD license was issued in error, and our NPN license has been suspended. In the notification letter, we were given 30 days to dispute. However, the recall was already issued as of May 13, 2014, giving us no chance to address the situation. We apologize that notification about this matter could not be given sooner.

We are currently addressing this matter with Health Canada in hopes of finding a workable solution.

In the meantime, though, please stop selling this product until further notice.

We are sorry for any convenience and confusion this matter has caused. We value your dedicated support. Should you have any questions, please call or e mail (contact info is at the bottom of the newsletter), as we are here for you.

We must establish the criteria for the placement and distinction of being referred to as a professional product line in natural medicine. This placement has created much confusion about what is permissible and what is not in a professional distinction. Some professional brands are sold in health food stores, and others are restricted to ND’s and compounding pharmacies because they are believed to be more therapeutic. This restrictive placement has merit when the staff are trained professionals, but the breakdown happens as the product is sold OTC--then, anyone from street can purchase the products.

Then, we have more distinctions between licensed naturopathic doctors who can prescribe, and others who cannot. We also have Health Canada, the NHPD, and provincial authorities for licensing. We have grandfathered DIN products that are given NPN numbers, yet new applicants are prevented the same right. Ephedrine is given a NPN license, yet it remains restricted until the NPN license is married with a precursor license. Then we have the province of Quebec. ND’s there do not have the same distinction as in other provinces. Sometimes, certain products are temporarily not approved for sale in Quebec, while they are in other provinces--Co Enzyme Q10 would be one such example.

Because of the above confusion of professional branding, restrictive guidelines need to be established as to what is acceptable and what is not. The qualifying criteria to be considered a professional product line need to be clearly demonstrated and enforced.

Many argue that these products should be given distinction but made available to all, and this argument is made to avoid losing any sales.

Qualifying professionals need their tools: medical doctors have prescription drugs, and naturopathic doctors need safe, natural alternatives to allopathic medicine.

The term “natural” is broadly used and abused; the sourcing establishes what is natural. Professional therapeutic medicine needs to be plant-based and fermented, sourced from USP pharmaceutical grade nutrients, and clinically proven by either Drug Manufactured File (DMF) or patented material. It must be non-GMO, and non-animal sourced, with the exception of glandular products. Glands must be concentrated and not extracted, and be grass fed to ensure no antibiotics or growth hormones were used.

Formulations must be blended synergistically in order to be absorbed at the cellular level, and must be efficacious.

Doctor’s Choice is exclusive to ND’s, MD’s, qualifying compounding pharmacies, and licensed professionals (such as homeopathic doctors and chiropractors). Doctor’s Choice products are therapeutic medicines and are to be kept behind the counter and available by prescription only. It is not to be kept with any other line that customers can directly purchase—even if placed with other professional lines that may be available on the floor.

Professionals ordering Doctor’s Choice must pre-qualify to set up a Doctor’s Choice account. This process will include signing an agreement to the terms before the first order is placed.

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