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Newsletter 5.5: Thymus Gland and GMOs

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Thymus Gland and GMOs
As we all know, science has ventured into dangerous territory with the proliferation of GMO foods. The science has not been proven safe--there is no documented safety evidence of GMO use that spans several generations. Our bodies have been designed to use food as a fuel, for building and cellular replacement. Our bodies have the ability to break down food as the structures intend with balanced DNA structure. The problem with changing food's structural integrity by introducing animal or synthetic genetics into the mix is that it alters our cells and reprograms them to recognize a foreign structure as being safe when it’s not. A organic carrot is balanced with vitamins, sugars, amino acids, trace minerals and nutrients. Cross breeding pig genes into the carrot is the recipe for disaster. Future generations will blame our age for our weakened immunity and disease proliferation--all for the sake of mass producing food for profit and greed.

For a full report on the dangers of GMO foods, click here.

With the prevalence of GMO crops, a strong immune system is more critical now than ever before. Along with safe organic foods, count on our Thymus Gland to support and strengthen your immune system.

Medicinal Claim: Helps to maintain healthy immune function

Additional GMO information:,, Mercola

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