Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Newsletter 5.3: The Answer To Growing Health Concerns

April Alive Sale
(15th-30th): Melatonin and Kava!

Please note: The April Alive Sale will start when the CHFA Line Drive is over.

Life Choice is happy to pass Alive discounts on to our wholesale customers, but we ask that retailers would pass the savings on to retail customers, as well.

Learn more about our Melatonin caps/liquid and Kava caps/liquid.
Life Choice: The Answer to Growing Health Concerns

As we know, public health concerns are multiplying. However, did you know that Life Choice has products to address many of these issues?

Here are some great examples of how our formulations can help protect against the tide of disease:

  • For chronic pain and arthritis: DMSO and MSM are great topical pain relievers, and DLPA works internally to increase pain resistance
  • For food sensitivities or poor digestion: Laktokhan useful not only for digestion, but also the immune system
  • For sleeplessness: Our Melatonin is DMF file, meaning the highest possible quality. No more nightmares!
  • For mental function: Memory Support and Neurotransmitter Support offer a host of healthy brain food
  • For colds and flu: Our Colloidal Silver is great for staving off nasty bugs! Also consider our Ephedra tincture for congestion and allergies.
  • For autism: DMAE (Deanol) has shown positive results in autism therapy.
  • For diabetes: Vanadyl Sulfate does a wonderful job of keeping glucose levels in check.
  • For hormonal imbalance: Our Male and Female products are designed to naturally balance hormones.
  • For stress and anxiety: Try our Kava, GABA, or L-Tyrosine for calm and focus.
As you can see, Life Choice is not just sounding the alarm--we are also providing solutions to weather the storm.
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